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clearance [the ~] noun

  1. the clearance (settlement)
  2. the clearance (settlement)
    l'arrangement; l'accord; l'accommodement
  3. the clearance (clearing)
    le dédouanement; le dédouanage; la déclaration
  4. the clearance
    le dédouanement; la déclaration

Translation Matrix for clearance:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accommodement clearance; settlement
accord clearance; settlement acceptance; access; acclaim; accord; admission; admittance; agreeing; agreement; alliance; allowance; approval; arrangement; arranging; assent; bargain; chord; come to terms; communality; community; concord; concurrence; connection; connexion; conscencus; consensus; consensus of opinion; consent; consonance; contract; deal; endorsement; feeling of solidarity; finds general favour; granting; harmony; make a compromise; oneness; permission; sanctioning; sentiment of unity; settlement; solidarity; togetherness; transaction; unanimity; unity
acquittement clearance; settlement acquittal; amends; clearing off; compensation; completion; conclusion; discharge; hire-purchase; indemnification; liquidation; paying for; paying off; payment; redeem; settlement; settling; winding up
arrangement clearance; settlement agreement; approval; arrangement; building; chord; classification; classifying; come to terms; completion; conclusion; concurrence; consent; construction; disposition; edition; hierarchy; make a compromise; marshalling; operating; order of rank; permission; position; ranging; rank; revision; rewrite; settlement
déclaration clearance; clearing account; announcement; bill; comment; declaration; enunciation; expression; expression of opinion; invoice; judgement; letting out; note; notification; pronunciation; remark; report; sentence; statement; subpoena; summons; testimony; utterance; verdict
dédouanage clearance; clearing
dédouanement clearance; clearing clearance outwards
- headroom; headway

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Related Definitions for "clearance":

  1. permission to proceed1
    • the plane was given clearance to land1
  2. the distance by which one thing clears another; the space between them1
  3. vertical space available to allow easy passage under something1

Wiktionary Translations for clearance:

  1. sale of merchandise at a reduced price

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