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Detailed Translations for colossus from English to French


colossus [the ~] noun

  1. the colossus (giant; jumbo; big man)
    le géant; le titane; le colosse
  2. the colossus (monster; hulk)
    le colosse
  3. the colossus (whopper; monster)
    le type; le mastodonte; le colosse

Translation Matrix for colossus:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
colosse big man; colossus; giant; hulk; jumbo; monster; whopper broad man; giant; whopper
géant big man; colossus; giant; jumbo broad man; giant; whopper
mastodonte colossus; monster; whopper mastodon
titane big man; colossus; giant; jumbo titanium
type colossus; monster; whopper baby boy; bloke; buster; category; chap; character; class; cove; dandy; dude; example; fellow; fop; genre; gent; gentleman; guy; individual; kind; lad; man; mister; model; sample; sort; specimen; style; type
- behemoth; giant; goliath; heavyweight; monster; titan
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
géant colossal; enormous; gigantic; huge; immense; out of proportion; stupendous; to a huge extent; tremendous; vast; very large

Related Words for "colossus":

  • colossi

Synonyms for "colossus":

  • giant; goliath; behemoth; monster; anomaly; unusual person
  • heavyweight; titan; important person; influential person; personage

Related Definitions for "colossus":

  1. a person of exceptional importance and reputation1
  2. someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful1

Wiktionary Translations for colossus:

  1. a statue of gigantic size
  1. Statue géante
  2. Homme ou animal de grande stature

Cross Translation:
colossus colosse kolos — iets heel groots
colossus colosse Koloss — eine übermenschlich große Statue