Detailed Translations for composition from English to French


composition [the ~] noun

  1. the composition
    la pièces
  2. the composition
  3. the composition
  4. the composition (construction; building)
    la construction; la composition; la structure; l'édification; la constitution
  5. the composition (report; paper; account)
    l'essai; la rédaction; la dissertation; la composition; le mémoire
  6. the composition (assembly; montage; arrangement)
    l'assemblage; le montage; la composition; la construction; l'installation; le placement; le positionnement; la mise en place; la fixation
  7. the composition (combination)
    la combinaison; l'ensemble
  8. the composition (meaning; substance; purpose; intention)
    la contenance; le contenu; le sens; la portée; l'intention
  9. the composition (architecture)
  10. the composition (clubbing)
    la composition; la réunion; l'assemblage
  11. the composition
    – An activity flow created from multiple actions. Composition is core to the Human Workflow Services system. 1
    la composition
  12. the composition
    – One or more images that are positioned, arranged, ordered, and proportionally resized according to a user's specifications within a Deep Zoom Composer project. 1
    la composition
  13. the composition
    – An export format that flattens a group of images defined in a Deep Zoom Composer project into a single high-resolution image that is generated at export. 1
    la composition

Translation Matrix for composition:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
architectonique architecture; composition architecture; building expert; constuction technique
architecture architecture; composition architecture; building engineering; constuction technique
assemblage arrangement; assembly; clubbing; composition; montage accumulation; assembly; combination; connection; heap; joining together; junction; liaison; linking; linking together; load; pile; piling up; union
combinaison combination; composition association; combination; connection; criterion; dungarees; junction; liaison; linking; linking together; overalls; petticoat; reagent; slip; test; touchstone; undergarment; union; workclothes
composition account; arrangement; assembly; building; clubbing; composition; construction; montage; paper; report basic rule; building; cadence; composing; composing work; constitution; construction; essay; exam; examination; final exam; final examination; final paper; fragment; frame; fundamental law; inflection; intonation; lecture; little bit; modulation; mounting; paper; particle; piece; placing; preliminary examination; prelims; printing work; project; publication; section; setting; system; test; thesis; tone of voice; type setting
constitution building; composition; construction basic rule; constitution; frame; fundamental law; system
construction arrangement; assembly; building; composition; construction; montage basic rule; build; building; buildings; constitution; construction; constructions; edifice; establishment; figure; founding; frame; fundamental law; lot; making; manufacture; physique; premises; stature; structure; system
contenance composition; intention; meaning; purpose; substance index; table of contents
contenu composition; intention; meaning; purpose; substance content; contents; index; size; table of contents; volume
dissertation account; composition; paper; report dissertation; final exam; final examination; final paper; lecture; paper; project; thesis
ensemble combination; composition clothes; clothing; costume; dress; ensemble; ensemble of clothes; fancy-dress; garments; gentlemen's suit; match pair; outfit; set; suit; tailor-made suit; team; uniform
essai account; composition; paper; report attempt; attempting; effort; efforts; essay; exertion; exertions; experiment; final exam; final examination; final paper; impact; lecture; paper; project; strain; test; test drive; test run; testing; thesis; trial run; try; trying
fixation arrangement; assembly; composition; montage attachment; fastening; fixation; fixed idea; fixing; hang-up; obsession; securing
installation arrangement; assembly; composition; montage administration of the oath; attachment; confirmation on oath; establishment; facility; fastening; fixing; foundation; founding; furnishing; furniture; give employment to people; home furnishings; honouring; installation; putting into use; securing; settlement; setup; swearing; taking up residence
intention composition; intention; meaning; purpose; substance aim; aiming at; aiming for; angle; aspect; attitude; conception; dedication; design; devotion; drift; effort; exertion; goal; idea; intent; intention; interpretation; meaning; notion; objective; opinion; orientation on; outlook; perspective; point of view; purport; reading; scheme; sense; stand; stature; strive for; target; tendency; tendency toward; tenor; trend; version; view; vision; way of thinking; will; wish
mise en place arrangement; assembly; composition; montage arrangement; give employment to people; placement
montage arrangement; assembly; composition; montage assembling; film editing; montage; mount; mounting; video editing
mémoire account; composition; paper; report afterthought; commemoration; keepsake; lecture; memento; memorandum; memory; paper; project; recollection; remembrance; reminder; souvenir
pièces composition
placement arrangement; assembly; composition; montage deposit; expenditure; give employment to people; investment; minimum deposit; spending
portée composition; intention; meaning; purpose; substance drift; earshot; hearing; intent; meaning; purport; range; reach; reach of clicks; scope; sense; size; span; stature; stave; tendency; tenor; volume; width
positionnement arrangement; assembly; composition; montage positioning; putting down
rédaction account; composition; paper; report draft; draw up; edit; editorial staff; editorial-committee; editors; editorship; formulate; formulation; lecture; paper; project
rédaction d'un texte composition
réunion clubbing; composition assembly; association; combination; conference; congress; connection; consultation; gathering; go shares; junction; liaison; linking; meeting; put together; seance; seminar; sitting; symposium; talks; union
sens composition; intention; meaning; purpose; substance circumference; compassion; course; dimension; direction; drift; emotion; establishment; excitement; extent; feeling; importance; institute; institution; intent; intention; meaning; measure; organ of sense; passion; purport; purpose; sense; sense organ; sentiment; significance; size; stature; tendency; tenor; touch; use; weight
structure building; composition; construction bureau; establishment; existing order; layout; structure
technique architectonique architecture; composition architecture; constuction technique
édification building; composition; construction establishment; foundation; founding; installation
- authorship; composing; constitution; make-up; makeup; musical composition; opus; paper; penning; physical composition; piece; piece of music; report; theme; typography; writing
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ensemble item package; named set; set
installation installation
mémoire memory; temporary memory
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
règlement judiciaire composition
- musical composition; written composition
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
architectonique architectural
ensemble altogether; combined; in all; jointly; shared; together; with each other; with one another

Related Words for "composition":

Synonyms for "composition":

Related Definitions for "composition":

  1. the act of creating written works2
  2. musical creation2
  3. something that is created by arranging several things to form a unified whole2
    • he envied the composition of their faculty2
  4. the way in which someone or something is composed2
  5. the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole2
    • harmonious composition is essential in a serious work of art2
  6. an essay (especially one written as an assignment)2
    • he got an A on his composition2
  7. art and technique of printing with movable type2
  8. a musical work that has been created2
    • the composition is written in four movements2
  9. a mixture of ingredients2
  10. An activity flow created from multiple actions. Composition is core to the Human Workflow Services system.1
  11. One or more images that are positioned, arranged, ordered, and proportionally resized according to a user's specifications within a Deep Zoom Composer project.1
  12. An export format that flattens a group of images defined in a Deep Zoom Composer project into a single high-resolution image that is generated at export.1

Wiktionary Translations for composition:

  1. essay
  2. work of music, literature or art
  3. mixture or compound
  4. general makeup of something
  5. combining of different parts to make a whole
  1. Traductions à trier
  2. action de rédiger ou résultat de cette action.
  1. (Architecture) Dont les parties sont empruntées à divers ordres d’architecture

Cross Translation:
composition composition samenstelling — de onderdelen waaruit iets bestaat
composition composition compositie — een muziekstuk, werkstuk van een componist
composition pièce de musique Musikstück — zeitlich begrenzte Musikkomposition
composition assemblage; composition Zusammensetzungkein Plural: die Art und Weise des Zusammengesetztseins