Detailed Translations for conserve from English to French


conserve verb

  1. conserve (preserve; keep)
    maintenir; garder; conserver; préserver
    • maintenir verb (maintiens, maintient, maintenons, maintenez, )
    • garder verb (garde, gardes, gardons, gardez, )
    • conserver verb (conserve, conserves, conservons, conservez, )
    • préserver verb (préserve, préserves, préservons, préservez, )
  2. conserve (preserve; pickle)
    confire; conserver; préparer des conserves; faire des conserves; mettre en conserve
    • confire verb (confis, confit, confisons, confisez, )
    • conserver verb (conserve, conserves, conservons, conservez, )

Translation Matrix for conserve:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- conserves; preserve; preserves
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
confire conserve; pickle; preserve candy; make sweet; pickle; salt; souse; sugar; sweeten
conserver conserve; keep; pickle; preserve aid someone financially; back someone; balm; can; collect; cure; detain; embalm; gather together; glean; guard; guard from; hang on; hold; horde; keep; keep up; lay up; lock up; maintain; pick up; pickle; preserve; protect; provide for; put in gaol; put up; retain; salt; save; secure; shield; souse; stand by; stand firm; stock; store; support; tin; uphold
faire des conserves conserve; pickle; preserve bottle; can; tin
garder conserve; keep; preserve allocate; detain; don't let go of; equip with an alarm system; guard; hang on; herd; hold; keep; keep and eye on; keep free; keep watch over; lay; lay aside; lock up; maintain; monitor; patrol; place; preserve; protect; put; put aside; put away; put down; put in gaol; reserve; restrain; retain; safeguard; save; secure; set aside; shield; stand by; stand firm; store; supervise; uphold; watch
maintenir conserve; keep; preserve bear; continue; endure; guard; hang on; hold; hold up; insist; keep up; maintain; not revoke; not take back; persist; preserve; protect; render permanent; save; shield; stand; stand by; stand firm; tolerate; uphold
mettre en conserve conserve; pickle; preserve bottle; can; pickle; salt; souse; tin
préparer des conserves conserve; pickle; preserve bottle; can; tin
préserver conserve; keep; preserve cover; cure; equip with an alarm system; fence in; fence off; guard; guard from; herd; lay; lock up; place; preserve; protect; put; put down; safeguard; save; secure; shield; watch over
- economise; economize; husband; keep up; maintain; preserve

Synonyms for "conserve":

Antonyms for "conserve":

Related Definitions for "conserve":

  1. fruit preserved by cooking with sugar1
  2. preserve with sugar1
    • Mom always conserved the strawberries we grew in the backyard1
  3. use cautiously and frugally1
    • conserve your energy for the ascent to the summit1
  4. keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction1
    • children must be taught to conserve our national heritage1
    • The museum curator conserved the ancient manuscripts1
  5. keep constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary change1
    • Energy is conserved in this process1

Wiktionary Translations for conserve:

  1. -
Cross Translation:
conserve maintenir; conserver erhalten — (transitiv) etwas bewahren
conserve conserver; garder gaumen — (transitiv), Schweiz: nicht antasten lassen, schützen, verteidigen