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Detailed Translations for debating society from English to French

debating society:

debating society [the ~] noun

  1. the debating society (society; association)
    la société; l'association; le club d'étudiants

Translation Matrix for debating society:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
association association; debating society; society alliance; association; business; circle; club; coalition; company; concern; enterprise; fellowship; firm; fraternity; guild; industry; pact; partnership; ring; shop; society; sorority; treaty; union
club d'étudiants association; debating society; society
société association; debating society; society alliance; association; borough; business; circle; club; coalition; community; company; concern; cooperation; corporation; enterprise; fellowship; firm; group; guild; house; industry; organisation; pact; partnership; party; shop; society; trading company; trading partnership; treaty; union; venture

Wiktionary Translations for debating society:

Cross Translation:
debating society parlote Debattierclub — Gruppe von Personen, die – evtl. im Verein organisiert – regelmäßig Debatten in Form eines sportlichen Wettkampfs abhalten.

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