Detailed Translations for demanding from English to French


demanding adj

  1. demanding (hard to please; exacting)

demanding [the ~] noun

  1. the demanding (pushyness; obtrusiveness; importunity)

Translation Matrix for demanding:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
importunité demanding; importunity; obtrusiveness; pushyness obtrusiveness
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
exigeant demanding; exacting; hard to please choosy; exacting; fussy; hindrance-causing; picky; strenuous

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Synonyms for "demanding":

Antonyms for "demanding":

  • undemanding

Related Definitions for "demanding":

  1. requiring more than usually expected or thought due; especially great patience and effort and skill1
    • found the job very demanding1
    • a baby can be so demanding1

Wiktionary Translations for demanding:

  1. requiring much endurance, strength, or patience
  1. Qui astreindre, qui contraindre grandement.
  2. Qui est dans l’habitude d’exiger beaucoup ou trop de déférence, d’attentions, de travail, d’argent, de services.
  3. Qui s’attacher aux minuties, qui y fait grande attention.
  4. Qui tenir de l'épreuve.

Cross Translation:
demanding exigeant anspruchsvolleine Person betreffend: nicht leicht zufriedenstellen, mit hohen Anspruch
demanding costaud; costaude; dur; dure; exigeant; exigeante taffsalopp: nicht empfindlich, nicht leicht irritierbar; abgehärtet und widerstandsfähig


demand [the ~] noun

  1. the demand (request; query; claim)
    la revendication; l'exigence; la demande; la réquisition; la réclamation
  2. the demand (claim; legal claim; petition; action)
    la revendication; l'exigence; le claim; la demande; la réclamation; la réquisition; la créance; la requête; la pétition; la procédure judiciaire; l'action
  3. the demand (reminder; urgent request)
    la sommation; l'avertissement; l'exhortation; l'avis; la prière instante
  4. the demand (legal title; claim; title; legal ground; ownership)
    le fondement juridique; le droit

to demand verb (demands, demanded, demanding)

  1. to demand (claim; lay claim to)
    exiger; demander; réclamer; revendiquer; requérir
    • exiger verb (exige, exiges, exigeons, exigez, )
    • demander verb (demande, demandes, demandons, demandez, )
    • réclamer verb (réclame, réclames, réclamons, réclamez, )
    • revendiquer verb (revendique, revendiques, revendiquons, revendiquez, )
    • requérir verb (requiers, requiert, requérons, requérez, )
  2. to demand (ask; query; wonder)
    poser une question; demander
    • demander verb (demande, demandes, demandons, demandez, )
  3. to demand (claim)
    exiger; récupérer; percevoir; encaisser; recouvrer
    • exiger verb (exige, exiges, exigeons, exigez, )
    • récupérer verb (récupère, récupères, récupérons, récupérez, )
    • percevoir verb (perçois, perçoit, percevons, percevez, )
    • encaisser verb (encaisse, encaisses, encaissons, encaissez, )
    • recouvrer verb (recouvre, recouvres, recouvrons, recouvrez, )

Conjugations for demand:

  1. demand
  2. demand
  3. demands
  4. demand
  5. demand
  6. demand
simple past
  1. demanded
  2. demanded
  3. demanded
  4. demanded
  5. demanded
  6. demanded
present perfect
  1. have demanded
  2. have demanded
  3. has demanded
  4. have demanded
  5. have demanded
  6. have demanded
past continuous
  1. was demanding
  2. were demanding
  3. was demanding
  4. were demanding
  5. were demanding
  6. were demanding
  1. shall demand
  2. will demand
  3. will demand
  4. shall demand
  5. will demand
  6. will demand
continuous present
  1. am demanding
  2. are demanding
  3. is demanding
  4. are demanding
  5. are demanding
  6. are demanding
  1. be demanded
  2. be demanded
  3. be demanded
  4. be demanded
  5. be demanded
  6. be demanded
  1. demand!
  2. let's demand!
  3. demanded
  4. demanding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for demand:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
action action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition To Do; act; action; affectation; agitating; campaign; deed; demonstration; effect; element; elementary component; fundamental ingredient; influence; ingredient; operate; parliamentary party; part; perform; portion; pose; principle ingredient; protest; public protest; put on; rally; section; segment; share; swank; work
avertissement demand; reminder; urgent request admonition; announcement; gesture; information; notice; notification; reminder; sign; signal; summons; warning
avis demand; reminder; urgent request advice; advising; angle; announcement; announcements; aspect; attitude; call; conception; conviction; convocation; counsel; creed; disposition; examination; idea; inclination; information; insight; inspection; interpretation; judgement; message; news; notice; notification; notion; opinion; outlook; perspective; piece of news; point of view; position; proclamation; proclamations; reading; report; sign; signal; stand; statement; subpoena; suggestion; summons; taking cognizance; version; view; vision; warrant; way of thinking
claim action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition
créance action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition claim; debt-claim; debt-recovery
demande action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition; query; request action; appeal; calling down; claim; condition; criterion; declaration of love; enquiry; inquiry; legal claim; petition; proposal; proposal of marriage; request; requisition
demander applying; applying for something; asking for; claim; requesting
droit claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title jurisprudence; justice; justness; right; righteousness; rightness; soundness
exhortation demand; reminder; urgent request admonition; impulse; incentive; incitement; stimulus; wake-up call; warning
exigence action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition; query; request action; claim; condition; criterion; exactingness; legal claim; must; requirement; requisite; stipulation; term
fondement juridique claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title
prière instante demand; reminder; urgent request earnest plea; reminder; summons; urgent request
procédure judiciaire action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition action; claim; course of proceedings; court procedure; judicial proceedings; judicial process; legal claim
pétition action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition appeal; petition
requête action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition appeal; bid; bill; definition of a problem; entreaty; interpellation; motion; offer; petition; plea; prayer; problem; proposal; query; question; request; supplication
revendication action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition; query; request claim; claiming
réclamation action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition; query; request accusation; action; appeal; charge; claim; claiming; complaint; dunning letter; indictment; insinuation; legal claim; objection; opposition; petition; reclamation; reminder; request; resistance
réclamer claim
réquisition action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition; query; request action; appeal; claim; condition; legal claim; must; petition; requirement; requisite; requisition; stipulation; term
sommation demand; reminder; urgent request admonition; announcement; assignment; command; cue; instruction; motto; notification; order; parole; reminder; shibboleth; subpoena; summons; warning; warrant
- need; requirement
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
demander ask; claim; demand; lay claim to; query; require; wonder appeal; apply for; apply to; ask; ask for; ask for information; beg; claim; examine; file a petition; inquire; make enquiries; petition; plead; pray; pretest; prompt; query; request; require; say grace; test; try; try out
encaisser claim; demand cash; charge; collect money; levy
exiger claim; demand; lay claim to; require appeal; apply to; ask; beg; claim; examine; petition; pretest; query; request; require; test; try; try out
percevoir claim; demand acquire; attend; become aware of; behold; cash; collect money; come by; contain; feel; find; gain; get to know; grasp; hold; notice; observe; obtain; perceive; procure; realise; realize; see; see in; sense; witness
poser une question ask; demand; query; wonder
recouvrer claim; demand get back; regain; retake
requérir claim; demand; lay claim to; require appeal; apply to; ask; beg; claim; examine; petition; pretest; query; request; require; requisition; test; try; try out
revendiquer claim; demand; lay claim to; require ask for; call in; claim; claim back; complain; reclaim
réclamer claim; demand; lay claim to; require ask for; call in; claim; claim back; complain; express displeasure; object; protest; put in a complaint; reclaim
récupérer claim; demand catch up; catch up with; find again; gain; get back; get over; recover; regain; retake; retrieve; revive; run in
- ask; call for; exact; involve; necessitate; need; postulate; require; take
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avertissement warning
récupérer retrieve
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- ask for; call for; claim; motion; need; request; require; struggle; urge; want
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
droit bolt upright; cantankerous; crabbed; crusty; dead straight; direct; erect; fair; frank; frontal; gruff; grumpy; honest; honorable; honourable; just; nagging; open; perpendicular; right-minded; righteous; rigid; sincere; straight; sullen; surly; true; true-hearted; upright

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Synonyms for "demand":

Antonyms for "demand":

Related Definitions for "demand":

  1. the act of demanding1
    • the kidnapper's exorbitant demands for money1
  2. required activity1
    • there were many demands on his time1
  3. an urgent or peremptory request1
    • his demands for attention were unceasing1
  4. the ability and desire to purchase goods and services1
    • the automobile reduced the demand for buggywhips1
    • the demand exceeded the supply1
  5. a condition requiring relief1
    • there is a demand for jobs1
  6. request urgently and forcefully1
    • The victim's family is demanding compensation1
    • The boss demanded that he be fired immediately1
    • She demanded to see the manager1
  7. claim as due or just1
    • The bank demanded payment of the loan1
  8. ask to be informed of1
    • I demand an explanation1
  9. summon to court1
  10. lay legal claim to1
  11. require as useful, just, or proper1
    • This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice1

Wiktionary Translations for demand:

  1. order
  2. desire to purchase goods and services
  3. economics: amount a consumer is willing to buy at a particular price
  1. to request forcefully
  1. diminution rapide, d’une durée plus ou moins longue, des forces physiques et des fonctions psychiques.
  2. quantité de produits ou de services demandée par les acheteurs
  3. caractère ou prétention de celui qui exiger, qui se montre exigeant.
  4. Action de réclamer ce qu’on regarde comme un droit.
  5. désuet|fr article insérer dans la presse et qui a pour objet d'attirer l’attention sur un produit de grande consommation, plus sûrement que par une annonce ostensiblement payer. On dit aujourd'hui « publireportage » ou « publicité infomerciale » dans ce sens.
  1. Indiquer à quelqu’un par des paroles, par un écrit ou tout autre moyen ce qu’on désire obtenir de lui.
  2. demander quelque chose en vertu d’un droit légitime ou prétendre tel.
  3. Demander, réclamer comme un droit.
  4. implorer ; demander avec instance.

Cross Translation:
demand action; demande; réclamation vordering — opeisen
demand exiger eisen — zeer dringend vragen, vaak met een sanctie op het niet beantwoorden ervan
demand exigence eis — een dwingende vraag
demand nécessiter erheischen — etwas nötig haben
demand exiger; demander fordern — etwas (von jemandem) verlangen
demand revendication Anspruch — berechtigte Forderung an etwas oder jemanden: Forderung, Erwartung
demand exiger verlangen — (transitiv) etwas von jemandem fordern, etwas haben wollen
demand exiger zumuten — etwas von sich oder anderen verlangen, was nur schwer zu leisten oder zu ertragen, eigentlich unzumutbar ist