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Detailed Translations for deprave from English to French


to deprave verb (depraves, depraved, depraving)

  1. to deprave (corrupt; pervert; debase)
    corrompre; ruiner; gâcher
    • corrompre verb (corromps, corromp, corrompons, corrompez, )
    • ruiner verb (ruine, ruines, ruinons, ruinez, )
    • gâcher verb (gâche, gâches, gâchons, gâchez, )
  2. to deprave (degenerate; corrupt; run wild)
    dégénérer; se corrompre; s'abâtardir
    • dégénérer verb (dégénère, dégénères, dégénérons, dégénérez, )

Conjugations for deprave:

  1. deprave
  2. deprave
  3. depraves
  4. deprave
  5. deprave
  6. deprave
simple past
  1. depraved
  2. depraved
  3. depraved
  4. depraved
  5. depraved
  6. depraved
present perfect
  1. have depraved
  2. have depraved
  3. has depraved
  4. have depraved
  5. have depraved
  6. have depraved
past continuous
  1. was depraving
  2. were depraving
  3. was depraving
  4. were depraving
  5. were depraving
  6. were depraving
  1. shall deprave
  2. will deprave
  3. will deprave
  4. shall deprave
  5. will deprave
  6. will deprave
continuous present
  1. am depraving
  2. are depraving
  3. is depraving
  4. are depraving
  5. are depraving
  6. are depraving
  1. be depraved
  2. be depraved
  3. be depraved
  4. be depraved
  5. be depraved
  6. be depraved
  1. deprave!
  2. let's deprave!
  3. depraved
  4. depraving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for deprave:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
corrompre corrupt; debase; deprave; pervert botch up; bribe; decay; go bad; mess up; muck up; rot; spoil
dégénérer corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild backslide; come to; decay; degenerate; end in; go bad; go to seed; lead to; result in; rot; spoil; turn out to be
gâcher corrupt; debase; deprave; pervert be lost; be slovenly; be wrecked; botch up; bungle; crash; decay; degenerate; deteriorate; dissipate; fall into decline; fool about; fool around; get acid; go bad; make sour; meet an accident; mess; mess about; mess around; mess up; muck up; neglect; perish; rot; slop; sour; spill; spoil; squander; tinker; turn sour; waste
ruiner corrupt; debase; deprave; pervert botch up; destroy; destruct; devastate; eliminate; exhaust; foul up; lay waste; liquidate; mess up; muck up; ruin; spoil; upset; wear out; work to death; wreck
s'abâtardir corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild
se corrompre corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild backslide; be corrupted; degenerate; go to seed

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