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Detailed Translations for derail from English to French


to derail verb (derails, derailed, derailing)

  1. to derail (be derailed)
    dérailler; se perdre; perdre la route
    • dérailler verb (déraille, dérailles, déraillons, déraillez, )
    • se perdre verb

Conjugations for derail:

  1. derail
  2. derail
  3. derails
  4. derail
  5. derail
  6. derail
simple past
  1. derailed
  2. derailed
  3. derailed
  4. derailed
  5. derailed
  6. derailed
present perfect
  1. have derailed
  2. have derailed
  3. has derailed
  4. have derailed
  5. have derailed
  6. have derailed
past continuous
  1. was derailing
  2. were derailing
  3. was derailing
  4. were derailing
  5. were derailing
  6. were derailing
  1. shall derail
  2. will derail
  3. will derail
  4. shall derail
  5. will derail
  6. will derail
continuous present
  1. am derailing
  2. are derailing
  3. is derailing
  4. are derailing
  5. are derailing
  6. are derailing
  1. be derailed
  2. be derailed
  3. be derailed
  4. be derailed
  5. be derailed
  6. be derailed
  1. derail!
  2. let's derail!
  3. derailed
  4. derailing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for derail:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dérailler be derailed; derail get lost; go astray
perdre la route be derailed; derail get lost; go astray
se perdre be derailed; derail become lost; fall through; get lost; get off the track; get on the wrong track; go astray; led astray; lose
- jump

Synonyms for "derail":

Related Definitions for "derail":

  1. run off or leave the rails1
    • the train derailed because a cow was standing on the tracks1
  2. cause to run off the tracks1
    • they had planned to derail the trains that carried atomic waste1

Wiktionary Translations for derail:

  1. to deviate from the previous course or direction
  2. to come off the tracks
  1. Sortir des rails

Cross Translation:
derail dérailler entgleisenübertragen: von der bisherigen oder gesellschaftlich erwünschten Verhaltensweise abweichen
derail dérailler entgleisen — aus den Gleisen springen