Detailed Translations for develop from English to French


to develop verb (develops, developped, developping)

  1. to develop (evolve)
    développer; évoluer; s'épanouir
    • développer verb (développe, développes, développons, développez, )
    • évoluer verb (évolue, évolues, évoluons, évoluez, )
  2. to develop (unfold)
    développer; déployer
    • développer verb (développe, développes, développons, développez, )
    • déployer verb (déploie, déploies, déployons, déployez, )
  3. to develop (unfold)
    ouvrir; déployer
    • ouvrir verb (ouvre, ouvres, ouvrons, ouvrez, )
    • déployer verb (déploie, déploies, déployons, déployez, )
  4. to develop (grow up; grow; rise)
    – grow emotionally or mature 1
    grandir; croître; pousser; dominer; s'envoler
    • grandir verb (grandis, grandit, grandissons, grandissez, )
    • croître verb (croîs, croît, croissons, croissez, )
    • pousser verb (pousse, pousses, poussons, poussez, )
    • dominer verb (domine, domines, dominons, dominez, )
    • s'envoler verb
  5. to develop (fabricate; make ready for construction)
    viabiliser; rendre constructible
    • viabiliser verb (viabilise, viabilises, viabilisons, viabilisez, )
  6. to develop
    défricher; débrousailler
    • défricher verb (défriche, défriches, défrichons, défrichez, )
  7. to develop (settle; establish; colonize; )
    établir; fonder; se nicher; coloniser; s'installer
    • établir verb (établis, établit, établissons, établissez, )
    • fonder verb (fonde, fondes, fondons, fondez, )
    • se nicher verb
    • coloniser verb (colonise, colonises, colonisons, colonisez, )
  8. to develop (reclaim)
    débroussailler; défricher
    • défricher verb (défriche, défriches, défrichons, défrichez, )
  9. to develop (cultivate)
    exploiter; défricher
    • exploiter verb (exploite, exploites, exploitons, exploitez, )
    • défricher verb (défriche, défriches, défrichons, défrichez, )
  10. to develop (grow; increase)
    grandir; mûrir; devenir adulte
    • grandir verb (grandis, grandit, grandissons, grandissez, )
    • mûrir verb (mûris, mûrit, mûrissons, mûrissez, )

Conjugations for develop:

  1. develop
  2. develop
  3. develops
  4. develop
  5. develop
  6. develop
simple past
  1. developped
  2. developped
  3. developped
  4. developped
  5. developped
  6. developped
present perfect
  1. have developped
  2. have developped
  3. has developped
  4. have developped
  5. have developped
  6. have developped
past continuous
  1. was developping
  2. were developping
  3. was developping
  4. were developping
  5. were developping
  6. were developping
  1. shall develop
  2. will develop
  3. will develop
  4. shall develop
  5. will develop
  6. will develop
continuous present
  1. am developping
  2. are developping
  3. is developping
  4. are developping
  5. are developping
  6. are developping
  1. be developped
  2. be developped
  3. be developped
  4. be developped
  5. be developped
  6. be developped
  1. develop!
  2. let's develop!
  3. developped
  4. developping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for develop:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
coloniser colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle
croître develop; grow; grow up; rise add to; arise; ascent; come up; expand; extend; grow; increase; prosper; rise; thrive
devenir adulte develop; grow; increase
dominer develop; grow; grow up; rise be the one in control; bring to submission; bring under control; check; control; crush; curb; dominate; exercise authority; exert power; have the upper hand; keep back; keep in control; keep under control; moderate; order; overcome; overpower; overwhelm; predominate; prevail; pulverise; pulverize; recant; reign; restrain; retract; revoke; rise; rise above; rub fine; rule; subdue; subject; suppress; take back; take possession of something; tame; tower; tower above; withhold
débrousailler develop
débroussailler develop; reclaim
défricher cultivate; develop; reclaim
déployer develop; unfold deploy; fold open; fold out; lay out; put ready; spread; spread out; unfold
développer develop; evolve; unfold add; add on to; blossom; bring about; build out; effect; expand; extend; fill out; grow in size; realise; realize; swell; widen
exploiter cultivate; develop bare; empty; exploit; gut; loan-shark; make the most of; practice usury; practise usury; profiteer; proliferate; ransack; strip; strip bare; take advantage of
fonder colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle arrange; base; build; build up; compose; construct; earthen; establish; found; ground; lay the foundations; raise; tune
grandir develop; grow; grow up; increase; rise add to; arise; ascent; come up; expand; extend; grow; increase; rise; sprout
mûrir develop; grow; increase age; mature; ripen
ouvrir develop; unfold bare; be off; begin; break into; bring up; broach; broach a subject; clear a way through; come open; commence; cut into; draw open; fray; get under way; introduce; loosen; make public; open; open up; pierce; press open; prick; publish; push open; put forward; put on the table; ravel out; release; set free; set in motion; set up; start; start to; strike up; take off; take on; turn on; unbolt; unbutton; uncover; undertake; undo; unlace; unlock; unravel; unscrew; untie; work loose
pousser develop; grow; grow up; rise agitate; arise from; bring forward; bud; budge; churn; come up; deter; drive; evolve out of; ferment; force; force up; frighten away; frighten off; germinate; give a push; grow; help along; help on; insist; keep on; move over; nudge; originate; originate from; persist; press; prompt; prosper; puff up; push; push along; push on; push open; push up; scare off; shake up; shove; spring; sprout; stem from; stir; thrive; undergo fermentation; urge; urging
rendre constructible develop; fabricate; make ready for construction
s'envoler develop; grow; grow up; rise ascend; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; blow; blow up; bristle; burst off; climb; crack off; depart; flap; flare up; flutter; fly away; fly by; fly off; fly out; fly round; fly up; get away; go away; go up; go upward; grow; increase; leave; mount; rise; rise to the surface; snap; spatter off; start; take off; wave
s'installer colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle
s'épanouir develop; evolve bloom; blossom; bud; come up; expose; fill out; flourish; germinate; grow in size; open oneself up; originate; prosper; spring; sprout
se nicher colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle
viabiliser develop; fabricate; make ready for construction
établir colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle base; determine; earthen; establish; form; found; ground; identify; lay the foundations; put together; raise; tune
évoluer develop; evolve
- acquire; arise; break; build up; develop oneself; educate; evolve; explicate; formulate; germinate; get; grow; grow on; make grow; modernise; modernize; originate; prepare; produce; recrudesce; rise; spring up; train; uprise
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- shape; turn out

Related Words for "develop":

Synonyms for "develop":

Related Definitions for "develop":

  1. come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)1
    • The patient developed abdominal pains1
    • Well-developed breasts1
  2. change the use of and make available or usable1
    • develop land1
    • The country developed its natural resources1
  3. expand in the form of a series1
  4. grow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a process of evolution, natural growth, differentiation, or a conducive environment1
    • A flower developed on the branch1
    • The country developed into a mighty superpower1
    • The embryo develops into a fetus1
    • This situation has developed over a long time1
  5. cause to grow and differentiate in ways conforming to its natural development1
    • The perfect climate here develops the grain1
    • He developed a new kind of apple1
  6. happen1
    • Report the news as it develops1
  7. be gradually disclosed or unfolded; become manifest1
    • The plot developed slowly1
  8. elaborate by the unfolding of a musical idea and by the working out of the rhythmic and harmonic changes in the theme1
    • develop the melody and change the key1
  9. become technologically advanced1
    • Many countries in Asia are now developing at a very fast pace1
  10. grow emotionally or mature1
    • The child developed beautifully in her new kindergarten1
  11. gain through experience1
    • Children must develop a sense of right and wrong1
    • Dave developed leadership qualities in his new position1
    • develop a passion for painting1
  12. create by training and teaching1
    • we develop the leaders for the future1
  13. elaborate, as of theories and hypotheses1
    • Could you develop the ideas in your thesis1
  14. move into a strategically more advantageous position1
    • develop the rook1
  15. move one's pieces into strategically more advantageous positions1
    • Spassky developed quickly1
  16. superimpose a three-dimensional surface on a plane without stretching, in geometry1
  17. generate gradually1
    • We must develop more potential customers1
    • develop a market for the new mobile phone1
  18. work out1
    • We have developed a new theory of evolution1
  19. make something new, such as a product or a mental or artistic creation1
    • Her company developed a new kind of building material that withstands all kinds of weather1
    • They developed a new technique1
  20. make visible by means of chemical solutions1
    • Please develop this roll of film for me1
  21. come into existence; take on form or shape1

Wiktionary Translations for develop:

  1. (chess) to place one's pieces actively
  2. to bring out photographic images
  3. to create
  4. to progress through stages
  5. to progress
  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  2. dégager une chose de ce qui l’envelopper.
  3. Subir des transformations progressives.

Cross Translation:
develop développer ontwikkelen — ontwerpen en uitvoeren op basis van onderzoek
develop développer ontwikkeleneen film ~ het latente beeld van een belicht fotografisch materiaal chemisch zichtbaar maken
develop se développer ontwikkelenzich ~ tot geleidelijk iets worden
develop développer ontwikkeleniets ~ een aanwezige aanleg tot bloei brengen
develop → s'épanouir entfaltenübertragen: sich entwickeln, sich zeigen
develop développer entwickelnallgemein: sich etwas ausdenken, planen