Detailed Translations for disappoint from English to French


to disappoint verb (disappoints, disappointed, disappointing)

  1. to disappoint (disillusion; frustrate; let down; )
    décevoir; désillusionner; frustrer
    • décevoir verb (déçois, déçoit, décevons, décevez, )
    • désillusionner verb (désillusionne, désillusionnes, désillusionnons, désillusionnez, )
    • frustrer verb (frustre, frustres, frustrons, frustrez, )
  2. to disappoint (embarras; confound; betray)
    décevoir; trahir la confiance; tromper
    • décevoir verb (déçois, déçoit, décevons, décevez, )
    • tromper verb (trompe, trompes, trompons, trompez, )
  3. to disappoint (fall short; work out badly; fail; fail in something)
    décevoir; tourner mal; ne pas être à la hauteur
    • décevoir verb (déçois, déçoit, décevons, décevez, )

Conjugations for disappoint:

  1. disappoint
  2. disappoint
  3. disappoints
  4. disappoint
  5. disappoint
  6. disappoint
simple past
  1. disappointed
  2. disappointed
  3. disappointed
  4. disappointed
  5. disappointed
  6. disappointed
present perfect
  1. have disappointed
  2. have disappointed
  3. has disappointed
  4. have disappointed
  5. have disappointed
  6. have disappointed
past continuous
  1. was disappointing
  2. were disappointing
  3. was disappointing
  4. were disappointing
  5. were disappointing
  6. were disappointing
  1. shall disappoint
  2. will disappoint
  3. will disappoint
  4. shall disappoint
  5. will disappoint
  6. will disappoint
continuous present
  1. am disappointing
  2. are disappointing
  3. is disappointing
  4. are disappointing
  5. are disappointing
  6. are disappointing
  1. be disappointed
  2. be disappointed
  3. be disappointed
  4. be disappointed
  5. be disappointed
  6. be disappointed
  1. disappoint!
  2. let's disappoint!
  3. disappointed
  4. disappointing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for disappoint:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
décevoir be contrary; belie; betray; confound; counteract; cross; disappoint; disillusion; embarras; fail; fail in something; fall short; frustrate; let down; work out badly break down; break off; cheat; counterfeit; deceive; diddle; falsify; forge; hoodwink; imitate; swindle; woodwink
désillusionner be contrary; belie; counteract; cross; disappoint; disillusion; frustrate; let down disillusionate; sober up
frustrer be contrary; belie; counteract; cross; disappoint; disillusion; frustrate; let down counterfeit; cross; falsify; forge; hinder; imitate; oppose; prevent; sabotage; stem; stop; thwart; upset
ne pas être à la hauteur disappoint; fail; fail in something; fall short; work out badly
tourner mal disappoint; fail; fail in something; fall short; work out badly break; fail; fall flat; flop; go wrong; infringe; lose one's face; meet with disaster; misbehave; transgress; violate
trahir la confiance betray; confound; disappoint; embarras
tromper betray; confound; disappoint; embarras badger; be unfaithful; cheat; clearly define; commit adultery; con; counterfeit; deceive; define; demarcate; diddle; dodge; falsify; fence; fence in; fence off; fool; forge; gull; hoax; hoodwink; imitate; lie; map out; mark out; outline; spoof; stray; swindle; tease; trace out; trick; vex; woodwink
- let down

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Related Definitions for "disappoint":

  1. fail to meet the hopes or expectations of1

Wiktionary Translations for disappoint:

  1. to displease
  1. Ne pas répondre aux espoirs
  2. tromper quelqu’un dans ses espérances, ne pas remplir son attente, le décevoir.
  3. abuser de la confiance de quelqu’un.

Cross Translation:
disappoint décevoir teleurstellen — iemand op onaangename wijze verrassen, vaak door een belofte niet na te komen
disappoint désappointer; décevoir; frustrer; trahir enttäuschen — eine Hoffnung, ein Wunsch oder eine Erwartung nicht erfüllen oder zerstören