Detailed Translations for dodge from English to French


to dodge verb (dodges, dodged, dodging)

  1. to dodge (cheat; lie)
    rouler; soutirer; escroquer; tromper; duper; berner
    • rouler verb (roule, roules, roulons, roulez, )
    • soutirer verb (soutire, soutires, soutirons, soutirez, )
    • escroquer verb (escroque, escroques, escroquons, escroquez, )
    • tromper verb (trompe, trompes, trompons, trompez, )
    • duper verb (dupe, dupes, dupons, dupez, )
    • berner verb (berne, bernes, bernons, bernez, )

Conjugations for dodge:

  1. dodge
  2. dodge
  3. dodges
  4. dodge
  5. dodge
  6. dodge
simple past
  1. dodged
  2. dodged
  3. dodged
  4. dodged
  5. dodged
  6. dodged
present perfect
  1. have dodged
  2. have dodged
  3. has dodged
  4. have dodged
  5. have dodged
  6. have dodged
past continuous
  1. was dodging
  2. were dodging
  3. was dodging
  4. were dodging
  5. were dodging
  6. were dodging
  1. shall dodge
  2. will dodge
  3. will dodge
  4. shall dodge
  5. will dodge
  6. will dodge
continuous present
  1. am dodging
  2. are dodging
  3. is dodging
  4. are dodging
  5. are dodging
  6. are dodging
  1. be dodged
  2. be dodged
  3. be dodged
  4. be dodged
  5. be dodged
  6. be dodged
  1. dodge!
  2. let's dodge!
  3. dodged
  4. dodging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

dodge [the ~] noun

  1. the dodge (wiliness; cleverness; smartness)
    l'intelligence; l'habileté; la finesse; l'ingéniosité
  2. the dodge (lure; ruse)
    le truc; l'habileté; l'adresse; la combine

Translation Matrix for dodge:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adresse dodge; lure; ruse ability; address; addressing; adroitness; agility; art; competence; dexterity; e-mail address; email address; gimmick; internet e-mail address; knack; skill; sleight of hand; trick
combine dodge; lure; ruse
finesse cleverness; dodge; smartness; wiliness craftiness; cunning; delicacy; down to the minutest details; elegance; finesse; gracefulness; guile; keenness; nicety; sharpness; slyness; subtlety; wiliness
habileté cleverness; dodge; lure; ruse; smartness; wiliness ability; adroitness; agility; art; brightness; business sense; capability; capacity; cleverness; competence; dexterity; discernment; expertise; gimmick; handiness; insight; intelligence; knack; quality; sagacity; skill; sleight of hand; smartness; trick
ingéniosité cleverness; dodge; smartness; wiliness acumen; acuteness; adeptness; brainpower; brightness; brilliance; cleverness; discernment; genius; ingenuity; insight; intellect; intelligence; inventiveness; keen perception; mental capacity; perception; quick-wittedness; resourcefulness; sagacity; sense; sharp-mindedness; sharpness; shrewdness; slyness; smartness; thought; understanding
intelligence cleverness; dodge; smartness; wiliness ability to understand; acumen; acuteness; adeptness; apparition; brain; brainpower; brightness; brilliance; cleverness; comprehension; discernment; frame of mind; genius; ghost; ghostly apparition; hastiness; humor; humour; hurry; ingenuity; insight; intellect; intellectual grasp; intellectual powers; intelligence; inventiveness; keen perception; mental capacity; mental grasp; mood; notion; perception; phantom; quick-wittedness; resourcefulness; sagacity; sense; sharp-mindedness; sharpness; shrewdness; slyness; smartness; specter; spectre; spook; temper; thought; understanding
truc dodge; lure; ruse apparatus; appliance; article; device; gadget; gimmick; good; item; knack; machine; magic trick; matter; object; sleight of hand; stuff; thing; trick
- contrivance; dodging; scheme; stratagem
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
berner cheat; dodge; lie cheat; fool; toss in the air; trick
duper cheat; dodge; lie aggrieve; badger; be disadvantuous; cause disadvantage; cause injury; cause someone sorrow; cheat; damage; deceive; diddle; do harm; fool; gull; harm; harm somebody; hoax; hoodwink; hurt; injure; lead up the garden path; make fun; mislead; put on the wrong track; spoof; swindle; tease; trick; vex; woodwink
escroquer cheat; dodge; lie cadge; cheat; clearly define; con; deceive; define; demarcate; diddle; fence; fence in; fence off; fool; gull; hoodwink; map out; mark out; mooch; obtain by begging; outline; spoof; swindle; trace out; trick; woodwink
rouler cheat; dodge; lie badger; cheat; con; debark; fleece; fool; graze; gull; hoax; hoodwink; revolve; roll; roll away; roll up; rotate; skin; spoof; strip; swindle; swing around; taxi; tease; trick; turn; turn up; twist; vex; whirl
soutirer cheat; dodge; lie clearly define; define; demarcate; extort; fence; fence in; fence off; map out; mark out; outline; trace out
tromper cheat; dodge; lie badger; be unfaithful; betray; cheat; clearly define; commit adultery; con; confound; counterfeit; deceive; define; demarcate; diddle; disappoint; embarras; falsify; fence; fence in; fence off; fool; forge; gull; hoax; hoodwink; imitate; map out; mark out; outline; spoof; stray; swindle; tease; trace out; trick; vex; woodwink
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- obeisance; prevarication; winding

Related Words for "dodge":

  • dodging, dodges

Synonyms for "dodge":

Related Definitions for "dodge":

  1. a quick evasive movement1
  2. an elaborate or deceitful scheme contrived to deceive or evade1
  3. a statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery1
  4. make a sudden movement in a new direction so as to avoid1
    • The child dodged the teacher's blow1
  5. move to and fro or from place to place usually in an irregular course1
    • the pickpocket dodged through the crowd1

Wiktionary Translations for dodge:

  1. -
  2. to avoid; to sidestep
  3. to avoid by moving out of the way
Cross Translation:
dodge éviter vermijden — trachten te ontwijken
dodge esquiver; éviter; contourner ausweichen — eine Bewegung machen, um einen Zusammenstoß zu vermeiden; jemandem Platz machen