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  1. drain away:


Detailed Translations for drain away from English to French

drain away:

to drain away verb (drains away, drained away, draining away)

  1. to drain away (suck up; absorb; suck)
    attiter; drainer; aspirer
    • attiter verb
    • drainer verb (draine, draines, drainons, drainez, )
    • aspirer verb (aspire, aspires, aspirons, aspirez, )
  2. to drain away (drain off)
    écouler; couler; déverser
    • écouler verb (écoule, écoules, écoulons, écoulez, )
    • couler verb (coule, coules, coulons, coulez, )
    • déverser verb (déverse, déverses, déversons, déversez, )
  3. to drain away
    écouler; refouler; refluer
    • écouler verb (écoule, écoules, écoulons, écoulez, )
    • refouler verb (refoule, refoules, refoulons, refoulez, )
    • refluer verb (reflue, reflues, refluons, refluez, )

Conjugations for drain away:

  1. drain away
  2. drain away
  3. drains away
  4. drain away
  5. drain away
  6. drain away
simple past
  1. drained away
  2. drained away
  3. drained away
  4. drained away
  5. drained away
  6. drained away
present perfect
  1. have drained away
  2. have drained away
  3. has drained away
  4. have drained away
  5. have drained away
  6. have drained away
past continuous
  1. was draining away
  2. were draining away
  3. was draining away
  4. were draining away
  5. were draining away
  6. were draining away
  1. shall drain away
  2. will drain away
  3. will drain away
  4. shall drain away
  5. will drain away
  6. will drain away
continuous present
  1. am draining away
  2. are draining away
  3. is draining away
  4. are draining away
  5. are draining away
  6. are draining away
  1. be drained away
  2. be drained away
  3. be drained away
  4. be drained away
  5. be drained away
  6. be drained away
  1. drain away!
  2. let's drain away!
  3. drained away
  4. draining away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for drain away:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
couler draining away; flowing away; running away
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aspirer absorb; drain away; suck; suck up absorb; aim at; collect; have one's heart set on; hope; inhale; languish; lap up; long for; make for; mean; pick something up; pine; sip up; sniff; sniff up; snort; strive; take in; take up; to want something very badly; yearn
attiter absorb; drain away; suck; suck up
couler drain away; drain off be going down hill; come down in torrents; drain off; drip; drop; fall; flee; flow; flow away; fly; galvanise; galvanize; go under; gush; leak away; perish; pitter; pour; prolapse; run; sag; set; sink; stream; submerge; subside; succumb; suffer; trickle; tumble
drainer absorb; drain away; suck; suck up drain
déverser drain away; drain off discharge; disgorge; drain; dump out; effuse; empty; empty out; expel; flow out; give way; pour; pour out; rack; remove; sprinkle; unfold; unfurl; unroll; unwind; void water
refluer drain away ebb; flow back; shift; turn
refouler drain away accumulate; bottle up; control; crush; force back; hide away; hide feelings; keep back; keep in control; keep under control; lock up; moderate; pen up; pickle; pulverise; pulverize; push away; put away; recant; restrain; retract; revoke; rub fine; salt; shove away; souse; stash away; stuff away; subdue; suppress; suppress feelings; take back; tuck away; withhold
écouler drain away; drain off drain; empty; flow out; tap; void water

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