Detailed Translations for draw up from English to French

draw up:

draw up [the ~] noun

  1. the draw up (formulate; draft; edit)
    la mise en page; la rédaction; l'edition

to draw up verb (draws up, drew up, drawing up)

  1. to draw up (work out; elaborate; compute)
    élaborer; détailler; résoudre; calculer
    • élaborer verb (élabore, élabores, élaborons, élaborez, )
    • détailler verb (détaille, détailles, détaillons, détaillez, )
    • résoudre verb (résous, résout, résolvons, résolvez, )
    • calculer verb (calcule, calcules, calculons, calculez, )
  2. to draw up (calculate; figure out; value)
    calculer; estimer; chiffrer
    • calculer verb (calcule, calcules, calculons, calculez, )
    • estimer verb (estime, estimes, estimons, estimez, )
    • chiffrer verb (chiffre, chiffres, chiffrons, chiffrez, )
  3. to draw up
    tirer vers le haut; monter; lever; soulever
    • monter verb (monte, montes, montons, montez, )
    • lever verb (lève, lèves, levons, levez, )
    • soulever verb (soulève, soulèves, soulevons, soulevez, )
  4. to draw up (hoist)
    lever; monter; soulever; hisser; tirer vers le haut
    • lever verb (lève, lèves, levons, levez, )
    • monter verb (monte, montes, montons, montez, )
    • soulever verb (soulève, soulèves, soulevons, soulevez, )
    • hisser verb (hisse, hisses, hissons, hissez, )

Conjugations for draw up:

  1. draw up
  2. draw up
  3. draws up
  4. draw up
  5. draw up
  6. draw up
simple past
  1. drew up
  2. drew up
  3. drew up
  4. drew up
  5. drew up
  6. drew up
present perfect
  1. have drawn up
  2. have drawn up
  3. has drawn up
  4. have drawn up
  5. have drawn up
  6. have drawn up
past continuous
  1. was drawing up
  2. were drawing up
  3. was drawing up
  4. were drawing up
  5. were drawing up
  6. were drawing up
  1. shall draw up
  2. will draw up
  3. will draw up
  4. shall draw up
  5. will draw up
  6. will draw up
continuous present
  1. am drawing up
  2. are drawing up
  3. is drawing up
  4. are drawing up
  5. are drawing up
  6. are drawing up
  1. be drawn up
  2. be drawn up
  3. be drawn up
  4. be drawn up
  5. be drawn up
  6. be drawn up
  1. draw up!
  2. let's draw up!
  3. drawn up
  4. drawing up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for draw up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
edition draft; draw up; edit; formulate
mise en page draft; draw up; edit; formulate page layout; page setup
monter ascent; going up; increase; rise; rising; uplift
rédaction draft; draw up; edit; formulate account; composition; editorial staff; editorial-committee; editors; editorship; formulation; lecture; paper; project; report
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
calculer calculate; compute; draw up; elaborate; figure out; value; work out calculate; compute; count in; estimate; figure in; figure out; include
chiffrer calculate; draw up; figure out; value calculate; compute; encrypt; estimate; figure out
détailler compute; draw up; elaborate; work out define; detail; specify; state precisely
estimer calculate; draw up; figure out; value advise; appreciate; assess; believe; believe in; calculate; compute; conjecture; consider; determine; devise; establish; esteem; esteem highly; estimate; figure out; guess; have a high regard for; hold in great esteem; identify; praise; presume; respect; save; spare; speculate; suggest; suppose; surmise; think over; value highly; work out
hisser draw up; hoist erect; haul; haul in; heave; hoist; lift; lift up; pull up; raise; rig
lever draw up; hoist abolish; add; add on to; annul; bring up; build out; bulge; cancel; collect; come round for; come up; expand; extend; fetch; grow; haul; haul in; heave; hoist; lift; lift up; lighten; nullify; pick up; pull up; put up; raise; rise; stick up; swell; swell up; take; take along; take away; undo; widen
monter draw up; hoist advance; arise; ascend; ascent; assemble; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; bristle; build up; carry up; climb; climb up; climb upstairs; drive along; drive up; drive upwards; flare up; fly up; get away; go up; go upstairs; go upward; go upwards; grow; heave; increase; lift; lift up; mount; raise; ride; ride horseback; ride up; rise; rise to the surface; rise up; stage; stand up; start; step up; step upstairs; take off; to get promoted; walk up; work oneself up
résoudre compute; draw up; elaborate; work out decipher; decode; discover; dissolve; find out; melt away; resolve; solve; unravel
soulever draw up; hoist blow up; boost; bring in; bring up; broach; broach a subject; cut; cut into; flip; get better; heave; improve; initiate; introduce; jack up v; lead up; lead upwards; lift; lift up; patch up; pep up; postulate; prompt; pull up; put forward; put on the table; put up; raise; reap; refurbish; sting; suggest; throw up; toss in the air; toss up; turn over
tirer vers le haut draw up; hoist erect; pull up
élaborer compute; draw up; elaborate; work out conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; invent; make; manufacture; prepare
- compose; frame; haul up; pull up; straighten up
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- drag out; issue; make out

Synonyms for "draw up":

Related Definitions for "draw up":

  1. make up plans or basic details for1
  2. come to a halt after driving somewhere1
  3. cause (a vehicle) to stop1
  4. straighten oneself1
  5. form or arrange in order or formation, as of a body of soldiers1

Wiktionary Translations for draw up:

draw up
  1. compose a document
draw up
  1. mettre par écrit, en bon ordre, dans un style clair et convenable, des lois, des règlements, des décisions, des résolutions prises dans une assemblée, ou les matériaux d’un ouvrage, ou les idées fournir en commun pour quelque écrire

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