Detailed Translations for dully from English to French


Translation Matrix for dully:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
du bout des lèvres dully; flat
faiblement dully; flat abstemious; bad; effete; faint; feeble; frail; helpless; impotent; pale; poor; powerless; sick; slackly; unable; wan; weak
indistinctement dully; flat
insipidement dully; flat
légèrement dully; flat frivolous; light; slightly
mollement dully; flat
tièdement dully; flat
vaguement dully; flat bland; blurred; dim; faded; faint; filmy; hazy; lurid; misty; muzzy; pale; sallow; unclear; undefinable; vague; vaguely; washed out
à peine dully; flat barely; close; closely; hardly; just; narrowly; scarcely

Related Definitions for "dully":

  1. without liveliness1
    • she nodded her head dully1
  2. without luster or shine1
    • the light shone dully through the haze1
    • unpolished buttons glinted dully1