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Detailed Translations for embalm from English to French


to embalm verb (embalms, embalmed, embalming)

  1. to embalm (preserve; balm)
    conserver; embaumer
    • conserver verb (conserve, conserves, conservons, conservez, )
    • embaumer verb (embaume, embaumes, embaumons, embaumez, )

Conjugations for embalm:

  1. embalm
  2. embalm
  3. embalms
  4. embalm
  5. embalm
  6. embalm
simple past
  1. embalmed
  2. embalmed
  3. embalmed
  4. embalmed
  5. embalmed
  6. embalmed
present perfect
  1. have embalmed
  2. have embalmed
  3. has embalmed
  4. have embalmed
  5. have embalmed
  6. have embalmed
past continuous
  1. was embalming
  2. were embalming
  3. was embalming
  4. were embalming
  5. were embalming
  6. were embalming
  1. shall embalm
  2. will embalm
  3. will embalm
  4. shall embalm
  5. will embalm
  6. will embalm
continuous present
  1. am embalming
  2. are embalming
  3. is embalming
  4. are embalming
  5. are embalming
  6. are embalming
  1. be embalmed
  2. be embalmed
  3. be embalmed
  4. be embalmed
  5. be embalmed
  6. be embalmed
  1. embalm!
  2. let's embalm!
  3. embalmed
  4. embalming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for embalm:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
conserver balm; embalm; preserve aid someone financially; back someone; can; collect; conserve; cure; detain; gather together; glean; guard; guard from; hang on; hold; horde; keep; keep up; lay up; lock up; maintain; pick up; pickle; preserve; protect; provide for; put in gaol; put up; retain; salt; save; secure; shield; souse; stand by; stand firm; stock; store; support; tin; uphold
embaumer balm; embalm; preserve smell

Related Words for "embalm":

  • embalming

Synonyms for "embalm":

Related Definitions for "embalm":

  1. preserve a dead body1

Wiktionary Translations for embalm:

  1. to treat a corpse in order to prevent decomposition
  2. to perfume
Cross Translation:
embalm embaumer balsemen — het prepareren van een stoffelijk overschot om het tegen ontbinding te beschermen
embalm embaumer balsamieren — einen Leichnam durch die Behandlung mit konservierenden Stoffen vor dem Verwesen schützen