Detailed Translations for end up at from English to French

end up at:

end up at verb

  1. end up at (fall; land)
    atterrir; atteindre; se retrouver; aboutir à; aborder; tomber dans; arriver à
    • atterrir verb (atterris, atterrit, atterrissons, atterrissez, )
    • atteindre verb (atteins, atteint, atteignons, atteignez, )
    • aboutir à verb
    • aborder verb (aborde, abordes, abordons, abordez, )
    • arriver à verb

Translation Matrix for end up at:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aborder end up at; fall; land advance; anchor; approach; board; bring something up; bring up; broach; broach a subject; call; call out to; cry out to; cut; cut into; elapse; expire; fasten; go by; hail; initiate; make a proposal; moor; pass; put forward; put on the table; raise; reap; shout; speak; sting; suggest; throw up; tie up; toss in the air; toss up; ventilate
aboutir à end up at; fall; land arrive at; come; culminate; elapse; end; end in; end up; expire; go by; head for; lead to; lead up to; pass; result in; turn out; work out
arriver à end up at; fall; land accomplish; bring it off; carry it out; elapse; expire; get round to it; go by; manage; pass; reach; succeed
atteindre end up at; fall; land Go; affect; arrive; concern; culminate; elapse; end in; expire; gain; get through; go by; hit; lead to; move; pass; reach; regard; relate to; result in; strike; touch; win
atterrir end up at; fall; land come down; descend; elapse; expire; go by; go down; land; land at airport; pass; touch down
se retrouver end up at; fall; land come down; elapse; end; end up somewhere; expire; go by; land; pass
tomber dans end up at; fall; land elapse; end; expire; go by; pass

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