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Detailed Translations for enfold from English to French


to enfold verb (enfolds, enfolded, enfolding)

  1. to enfold (surround; envelope)
    entourer; environner; cerner; enfermer; s'entourer de
    • entourer verb (entoure, entoures, entourons, entourez, )
    • environner verb (environne, environnes, environnons, environnez, )
    • cerner verb (cerne, cernes, cernons, cernez, )
    • enfermer verb (enferme, enfermes, enfermons, enfermez, )
  2. to enfold (wrap around; wrap up)
    emballer; envelopper
    • emballer verb (emballe, emballes, emballons, emballez, )
    • envelopper verb (enveloppe, enveloppes, enveloppons, enveloppez, )

Conjugations for enfold:

  1. enfold
  2. enfold
  3. enfolds
  4. enfold
  5. enfold
  6. enfold
simple past
  1. enfolded
  2. enfolded
  3. enfolded
  4. enfolded
  5. enfolded
  6. enfolded
present perfect
  1. have enfolded
  2. have enfolded
  3. has enfolded
  4. have enfolded
  5. have enfolded
  6. have enfolded
past continuous
  1. was enfolding
  2. were enfolding
  3. was enfolding
  4. were enfolding
  5. were enfolding
  6. were enfolding
  1. shall enfold
  2. will enfold
  3. will enfold
  4. shall enfold
  5. will enfold
  6. will enfold
continuous present
  1. am enfolding
  2. are enfolding
  3. is enfolding
  4. are enfolding
  5. are enfolding
  6. are enfolding
  1. be enfolded
  2. be enfolded
  3. be enfolded
  4. be enfolded
  5. be enfolded
  6. be enfolded
  1. enfold!
  2. let's enfold!
  3. enfolded
  4. enfolding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for enfold:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cerner enfold; envelope; surround besiege; surround
emballer enfold; wrap around; wrap up bale; bind in boards; board; carton; crate; pack; package; put in boards; wrap; wrap round; wrap up
enfermer enfold; envelope; surround comprise; corner; encapsulate; enclose; fasten; include; lock up; put away; store; stow away
entourer enfold; envelope; surround besiege; border; circle; clearly define; confine; cut back; define; demarcate; divert; draw a circle around; edge; encircle; fence; fence in; fence off; limit; map out; mark out; outflank; outline; reduce; round; surround; trace out; trim; turn
envelopper enfold; wrap around; wrap up bale; besiege; besieged; besieges; bind round; blur; board; camouflage; catch; charm; close in; comprise; conceal; confine; contain; cover; crate; dam; dupe; embank; encapsulate; enclose; envelop; envelope; evnvelope; formulate; include; limit; lock in; mantle; mask; pack; package; pen in; phrase; put into words; restrict; seal up; shroud; surround; swathe; tie on; veil; word; wrap; wrap round; wrap up
environner enfold; envelope; surround besiege; surround
s'entourer de enfold; envelope; surround
- enclose; envelop; enwrap; wrap

Related Words for "enfold":

  • enfolding

Synonyms for "enfold":

Related Definitions for "enfold":

  1. enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering1

Wiktionary Translations for enfold:

Cross Translation:
enfold enlacer; étreindre umfangen — jemanden oder jemandes Körperteile mit seinen Armen oder Händen umfassen
enfold envelopper umfangen — etwas hüllt jemanden ein