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Detailed Translations for entrance from English to French


entrance [the ~] noun

  1. the entrance (access; entry; admission; admittance)
    l'accès; l'entrée; l'admission; la porte
  2. the entrance (entry; arrival; incoming; entering)
    l'entrée; l'arrivée; la venue; l'entrées
  3. the entrance


  1. entrance

Translation Matrix for entrance:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accès access; admission; admittance; entrance; entry access; access route; apoplectic stroke; apoplexies; attacks; brain haemorrhage; cerebral haemorrhage; door; doorway; drive; entrances; entranceway; front door; hit; nervous breakdown; seizures; street door; stroke; strokes
admission access; admission; admittance; entrance; entry acceptance; access; admission; admission charge; admission fee; admittance; allotment; allowance; appropriation; arrogation; assumption; entrance charge; entrance fee; granting; permission; printing of a story
arrivée arrival; entering; entrance; entry; incoming advent; arrival; arriving; coming; coming over; driving up; entry; finish; finishing line; finishing point
entrée access; admission; admittance; arrival; entering; entrance; entry; incoming Knights' Hall; access route; arrival; boarding; coming; door; doorstep; doorway; drawing-room; drive; entering; entrance-hall; entranceway; entry; first course; forecourt; foyer; hall; import; imports; middle room; porch; portal; reception-room; salon; starter; threshold; veranda; vestibule; waiting-room
entrées arrival; entering; entrance; entry; incoming doorsteps; enterings; thresholds
porte access; admission; admittance; entrance; entry door; doorway; gate; town-gate
venue arrival; entering; entrance; entry; incoming advent; arrival; coming; coming over
- entering; entranceway; entree; entry; entryway; incoming; ingress
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ravir abduct; bewitch; cast a spell on; kidnap; put a spell on; ravish
- spellbind
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ravir entrance
- admission; approach; entrance gate; sea approach

Related Words for "entrance":

Synonyms for "entrance":

Related Definitions for "entrance":

  1. the act of entering1
    • she made a grand entrance1
  2. something that provides access (to get in or get out)1
    • they waited at the entrance to the garden1
  3. a movement into or inward1
  4. put into a trance1

Wiktionary Translations for entrance:

  1. The right to go in
  2. The place of entering, as a gate or doorway
  3. The action of entering, or going in
Cross Translation:
entrance entrée toetreding — het deelnemen aan iets, lid worden
entrance entrée ingang — een opening waar iets doorheen kan
entrance entrée EingangÖffnung zum Betreten eines begrenzten Bereiches, z. B. eines Gebäudes
entrance entrée Einstieg — die Stelle, an der man einsteigt
entrance porte d’entrée Hauseingang — Eingang eines Hauses
entrance entrée Zugang — Gang oder Weg, der das Betreten eines bestimmten Ortes ermöglicht

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