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Detailed Translations for estimable from English to French


Translation Matrix for estimable:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
respectable clean; decent; fair; honest; reputable; respectable; virtuous; worthy
- computable; good; honorable; honourable; respectable
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
digne estimable; honorable; honourable; respectable decent; dignified; eminent; high-placed; high-ranking; high-seated; highly placed; leading; prominent; stately; venerable; worthy
estimable estimable; honorable; honourable; respectable advisable; commendable; decent; deserving; expedient; honorable; honourable; laudable; neat; praiseworthy; recommendable; respectable; useful; valuable
honorable estimable; honorable; honourable; respectable advisable; chaste; commendable; decent; expedient; glorious; greatly esteemed; highly esteemed; honorable; honourable; laudable; much esteemed; much respected; neat; praiseworthy; recommendable; respectable
respectable estimable; honorable; honourable; respectable big; chivalrous; considerable; conspicuous; courteous; decent; dignified; eminent; enormous; formidable; great; high-placed; high-ranking; high-seated; highly placed; honorable; honourable; huge; impressive; large; leading; mighty; neat; notable; powerful; prominent; proper; properly; reasonable; remarkable; reputable; respectable; striking; substantial; tall; terrible; tolerable; tremendous; vast; venerable; well-mannered
vénérable estimable; honorable; honourable; respectable ceremonious; distinguished; eminent; high ranking; high-placed; high-ranking; high-seated; highly placed; highranking; illustrious; leading; noteworthy; prominent; renowned; solemn; stately; venerable; weighty

Related Words for "estimable":

  • inestimable

Synonyms for "estimable":

Antonyms for "estimable":

  • contemptible

Related Definitions for "estimable":

  1. may be computed or estimated1
    • estimable assets1
  2. deserving of respect or high regard1
  3. deserving of esteem and respect1

Wiktionary Translations for estimable:

  1. Qui mériter d’estimer.