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Detailed Translations for fill in from English to French

fill in:

to fill in verb (fills in, filled in, filling in)

  1. to fill in (fill up; fill)
    remplir; bourrer; combler
    • remplir verb (remplis, remplit, remplissons, remplissez, )
    • bourrer verb (bourre, bourres, bourrons, bourrez, )
    • combler verb (comble, combles, comblons, comblez, )
  2. to fill in (fill; inflate)
    remplir; emplir; bourrer
    • remplir verb (remplis, remplit, remplissons, remplissez, )
    • emplir verb
    • bourrer verb (bourre, bourres, bourrons, bourrez, )
  3. to fill in (fill up)
    fermer brusquement; claquer
    • claquer verb (claque, claques, claquons, claquez, )

Conjugations for fill in:

  1. fill in
  2. fill in
  3. fills in
  4. fill in
  5. fill in
  6. fill in
simple past
  1. filled in
  2. filled in
  3. filled in
  4. filled in
  5. filled in
  6. filled in
present perfect
  1. have filled in
  2. have filled in
  3. has filled in
  4. have filled in
  5. have filled in
  6. have filled in
past continuous
  1. was filling in
  2. were filling in
  3. was filling in
  4. were filling in
  5. were filling in
  6. were filling in
  1. shall fill in
  2. will fill in
  3. will fill in
  4. shall fill in
  5. will fill in
  6. will fill in
continuous present
  1. am filling in
  2. are filling in
  3. is filling in
  4. are filling in
  5. are filling in
  6. are filling in
  1. be filled in
  2. be filled in
  3. be filled in
  4. be filled in
  5. be filled in
  6. be filled in
  1. fill in!
  2. let's fill in!
  3. filled in
  4. filling in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fill in:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
combler filling up
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bourrer fill; fill in; fill up; inflate fill; pump full; stuff; stuff with food
claquer fill in; fill up clack; clapper; clatter; flutter; knock; quell; rattle; ruckle; slam; snap shut; tap; tap at
combler fill; fill in; fill up cram; fill
emplir fill; fill in; inflate fill
fermer brusquement fill in; fill up
remplir fill; fill in; fill up; inflate add; count up; cover; cover up; fill; fill out; fill up; populate; pump full; replenish; take up space; to make complete; top up; total
- complete; fill out; make out; shade; stand in; sub; substitute

Synonyms for "fill in":

Related Definitions for "fill in":

  1. supply with information on a specific topic1
  2. write all the required information onto a form1
  3. represent the effect of shade or shadow on1
  4. be a substitute1

Wiktionary Translations for fill in:

fill in
  1. rendre complet.
  2. Apporter des terres, du gravois, pour combler un creux ou pour exhausser un terrain.

Cross Translation:
fill in remplir ausfüllen — ein Formular ergänzen
fill in boucher verstreichenRisse oder Loch verfugen

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