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Detailed Translations for fill out from English to French

fill out:

fill out verb

  1. fill out (grow in size; blossom)
    développer; s'épanouir
    • développer verb (développe, développes, développons, développez, )
  2. fill out
    – To enter information into a form. 1
    • remplir verb (remplis, remplit, remplissons, remplissez, )

Translation Matrix for fill out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
développer blossom; fill out; grow in size add; add on to; bring about; build out; develop; effect; evolve; expand; extend; realise; realize; swell; unfold; widen
remplir fill out add; count up; cover; cover up; fill; fill in; fill up; inflate; populate; pump full; replenish; take up space; to make complete; top up; total
s'épanouir blossom; fill out; grow in size bloom; bud; come up; develop; evolve; expose; flourish; germinate; open oneself up; originate; prosper; spring; sprout
- complete; eke out; fat; fatten; fatten out; fatten up; fill in; flesh out; make out; pad; plump; plump out; round; round out

Synonyms for "fill out":

Related Definitions for "fill out":

  1. become round, plump, or shapely2
  2. make bigger or better or more complete2
  3. write all the required information onto a form2
    • fill out this questionnaire, please!2
  4. make fat or plump2
  5. line or stuff with soft material2
  6. supplement what is thought to be deficient2
  7. To enter information into a form.1

Wiktionary Translations for fill out:

fill out
  1. to have one's physique expand
  2. to complete a form

Cross Translation:
fill out remplir ausfüllen — ein Formular ergänzen

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