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Detailed Translations for foreman from English to French


foreman [the ~] noun

  1. the foreman (headman)
    le contremaître; le chef d'équipe
  2. the foreman (front-rank man)
    le patron; le contremaître; le chef d'équipe
  3. the foreman
    le moniteur; le metteur au point
  4. the foreman (fugleman)
    le contremaître

Translation Matrix for foreman:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chef d'équipe foreman; front-rank man; headman boss; chief; head; leader; superior
contremaître foreman; front-rank man; fugleman; headman boss; chief; head; leader; superior
metteur au point foreman
moniteur foreman display; instructor; monitor; screen; teacher; television screen; tutor
patron foreman; front-rank man Maecenas; benefactor; boss; captain; chief; clothes pattern; commander; commanding officer; contributor; design; director; do-gooder; donor; drawing; employer; guide; hand-out; head; holy person; leader; manager; managing director; master; mentor; model; motive; paper pattern; patron; patron saint; pattern; pious person; principal; protector; saint; sea captain; stencil; superior; supporter; template; topdog
- boss; chief; gaffer; honcho
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
moniteur monitor
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- factory overseer; farm foreman; industrial supervisor; overseer; supervisor

Synonyms for "foreman":

Related Definitions for "foreman":

  1. a person who exercises control over workers1
    • if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman1
  2. a man who is foreperson of a jury1

Wiktionary Translations for foreman:

  1. leader of a work crew
  1. Celui qui dirige les travaux
  2. chef d'équpipe
  3. celui qui diriger et surveille les ouvriers dans un atelier, dans un chantier, etc.

Cross Translation:
foreman chef de file; contremaître voorman — een leider, een ploegbaas
foreman contremaître PolierArchitektur, Bauwesen: der für die Ausführung eines Bauwerkes verantwortliche und weisungsberechtigte Mitarbeiter am Bau

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