Detailed Translations for gag from English to French


to gag verb (gags, gagged, gagging)

  1. to gag (clamp; oppress)
    tordre; serrer; comprimer; compresser
    • tordre verb (tords, tord, tordons, tordez, )
    • serrer verb (serre, serres, serrons, serrez, )
    • comprimer verb (comprime, comprimes, comprimons, comprimez, )
    • compresser verb (compresse, compresses, compressons, compressez, )
  2. to gag (oppress; truss up)
    étouffer; oppresser
    • étouffer verb (étouffe, étouffes, étouffons, étouffez, )
    • oppresser verb (oppresse, oppresses, oppressons, oppressez, )

Conjugations for gag:

  1. gag
  2. gag
  3. gags
  4. gag
  5. gag
  6. gag
simple past
  1. gagged
  2. gagged
  3. gagged
  4. gagged
  5. gagged
  6. gagged
present perfect
  1. have gagged
  2. have gagged
  3. has gagged
  4. have gagged
  5. have gagged
  6. have gagged
past continuous
  1. was gagging
  2. were gagging
  3. was gagging
  4. were gagging
  5. were gagging
  6. were gagging
  1. shall gag
  2. will gag
  3. will gag
  4. shall gag
  5. will gag
  6. will gag
continuous present
  1. am gagging
  2. are gagging
  3. is gagging
  4. are gagging
  5. are gagging
  6. are gagging
  1. be gagged
  2. be gagged
  3. be gagged
  4. be gagged
  5. be gagged
  6. be gagged
  1. gag!
  2. let's gag!
  3. gagged
  4. gagging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

gag [the ~] noun

  1. the gag (witty remark; joke; quip; )
    le canard; la boutade; la plaisanterie; le trait d'esprit

Translation Matrix for gag:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boutade gag; jest; joke; pleasantry; quip; witticism; witty remark banter; fun; humor; humour; joke; little present; little something; prank; present
canard gag; jest; joke; pleasantry; quip; witticism; witty remark banter; duck; false rumour; joke; prank
plaisanterie gag; jest; joke; pleasantry; quip; witticism; witty remark amusingness; banter; childishness; comedy; drollery; folly; foolishness; fun; high jinks; hilarity; humor; humour; idiocy; jest; joke; joking; joy; joyfulness; little present; little something; lunacy; madness; merriment; mirth; mischievousness; nonsense; pleasantry; pleasure; prank; present; silliness; waggishness; witticism; witty saying
serrer screwing down; screwing home; screwing tighter
trait d'esprit gag; jest; joke; pleasantry; quip; witticism; witty remark banter; fun; humor; humour; joke; little present; little something; prank; present; pun
- jape; jest; joke; laugh; muzzle
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
compresser clamp; gag; oppress clasp; clutch; compress; crush; flatten; grasp; grip; pack; pinch; press; press together; seize; squash; squeeze
comprimer clamp; gag; oppress clasp; clutch; compress; constrict; crush; decrease; diminish; flatten; grasp; grip; pack; pinch; press; press in; press together; reduce; seize; shrink; squash; squeeze
oppresser gag; oppress; truss up
serrer clamp; gag; oppress bind tightly; caress; clasp; clench; clutch; compress; cuddle; fasten; fondle; grasp; grip; hug; jam; lock; pack; pinch; press; press together; pull to; screw; screw down; screw on; seize; span; squeeze; stalemate; stretch; stroke; thighten; tighten; turn off; wedge
tordre clamp; gag; oppress clasp; clutch; distort; grasp; grip; lever; pinch; press; seize; sprain; squeeze; twist; twist together; wrench; wrest from; wring; wring out
étouffer gag; oppress; truss up asphyxiate; extinguish; moderate; mute; put out; restrain; stew; suffocate; suppress
- choke; fret; heave; muzzle; quip; retch; strangle; suffocate

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Related Definitions for "gag":

  1. restraint put into a person's mouth to prevent speaking or shouting1
  2. a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter1
    • he knows a million gags1
  3. make an unsuccessful effort to vomit; strain to vomit1
  4. cause to retch or choke1
  5. struggle for breath; have insufficient oxygen intake1
    • he swallowed a fishbone and gagged1
  6. make jokes or quips1
    • The students were gagging during dinner1
  7. tie a gag around someone's mouth in order to silence them1
    • The burglars gagged the home owner and tied him to a chair1
  8. be too tight; rub or press1
  9. prevent from speaking out1
    • The press was gagged1

Wiktionary Translations for gag:

  1. To experience the vomiting reflex
  2. To restrain someone's speech
  1. A convulsion of the upper digestive tract
  2. A device to restrain speech
  1. action ou propos léger, qui ne prête pas à conséquences.
  2. morceau de bois, de fer, etc., qu’on met de force entre les mâchoires d’une personne pour l’empêcher de parler et de crier, ou dans la gueule d’un animal pour l’empêcher de mordre ou de faire du bruit.
  3. effet comique, blague.
  4. Forte convulsion de l’estomac
  1. mettre un bâillon à.

Cross Translation:
gag bâillon Knebel — Ein Gegenstand, der jemandem vor oder in den Mund gezwängt wird, um Schreie zu ersticken oder dämpfen.
gag blague Witznur Singular: etwas lächerlich Erscheinendes; eine groteske, unsinnige Sache
gag plaisanterie; blague Witz — eine kleine Geschichte oder Ähnliches, das zum lachen anregen soll