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Detailed Translations for gallop from English to French


to gallop verb (gallops, galloped, galloping)

  1. to gallop
    galoper; courir; faire de la course; filer; sprinter; faire de la course à pied
    • galoper verb (galope, galopes, galopons, galopez, )
    • courir verb (cours, court, courons, courez, )
    • filer verb (file, files, filons, filez, )
    • sprinter verb (sprinte, sprintes, sprintons, sprintez, )

Conjugations for gallop:

  1. gallop
  2. gallop
  3. gallops
  4. gallop
  5. gallop
  6. gallop
simple past
  1. galloped
  2. galloped
  3. galloped
  4. galloped
  5. galloped
  6. galloped
present perfect
  1. have galloped
  2. have galloped
  3. has galloped
  4. have galloped
  5. have galloped
  6. have galloped
past continuous
  1. was galloping
  2. were galloping
  3. was galloping
  4. were galloping
  5. were galloping
  6. were galloping
  1. shall gallop
  2. will gallop
  3. will gallop
  4. shall gallop
  5. will gallop
  6. will gallop
continuous present
  1. am galloping
  2. are galloping
  3. is galloping
  4. are galloping
  5. are galloping
  6. are galloping
  1. be galloped
  2. be galloped
  3. be galloped
  4. be galloped
  5. be galloped
  6. be galloped
  1. gallop!
  2. let's gallop!
  3. galloped
  4. galloping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

gallop [the ~] noun

  1. the gallop (pace; trot; scamper; gallopade)
    le trot; l'allure; le galop
  2. the gallop (at a gallop; at a trot)
    le galop; la galopade
  3. the gallop (full speed; scamper)
    le galop; l'allure rapide

Translation Matrix for gallop:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
allure gallop; gallopade; pace; scamper; trot allure; appearance; bearing; briskness; deportment; driving speed; exterior; full speed; gait; grand manner; look; looks; pace; quickness; rapidity; speed; step; tempo; tread
allure rapide full speed; gallop; scamper
galop at a gallop; at a trot; full speed; gallop; gallopade; pace; scamper; trot
galopade at a gallop; at a trot; gallop; gallopade hurrying; trotting
sprinter jogger; runner; short distance runner; sprinter; walker
trot gallop; gallopade; pace; scamper; trot trotting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
courir gallop bait; catch; dart; haste; hasten; hunt; hurry; hustle; move it; race; run; run a race; rush; scamper; snare; speed; speed up; sprint
faire de la course gallop race; run; run a race; rush; scamper; sprint
faire de la course à pied gallop race; run; rush; scamper; sprint
filer gallop be off; beat it; blow; break away; break away from; clear off; dash away; dash off; desert; do a moonlight flit; duck out; elude; escape; get away; go with the wind; haste; hasten; hurry; hurry away; hurry off; ladder; make a duck; move it; race; run; run away; run away from home; run off; rush; scamper; scamper away; scamper off; scoot; scuttle away; shadow; slip quietly into the night; speed up; sprint; squeeze out of it; tail; walk away; walk off; walk out; zoom
galoper gallop haste; hasten; hurry; move it; race; run; rush; scamper; speed up; sprint
sprinter gallop race; run; rush; scamper; spout; sprint; spurt
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Related Words for "gallop":

  • galloping, gallops

Synonyms for "gallop":

Related Definitions for "gallop":

  1. a fast gait of a horse; a two-beat stride during which all four legs are off the ground simultaneously1
  2. ride at a galloping pace1
    • He was galloping down the road1
  3. cause to move at full gallop1
    • Did you gallop the horse just now?1
  4. go at galloping speed1
    • The horse was galloping along1

Wiktionary Translations for gallop:

  1. to ride at a galloping pace
  1. fastest gait of a horse
  1. La plus élevée et la plus rapide des allures du cheval, qui n’est proprement qu’une suite de sauts en avant.
  1. aller vite à cheval
  2. faire beaucoup de démarches

Cross Translation:
gallop galoper galoppierenintransitiv, bei Tieren (hauptsächlich Pferden): im Galopp laufen

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