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  1. get finished:


Detailed Translations for get finished from English to French

get finished:

to get finished verb (gets finished, got finished, getting finished)

  1. to get finished
    • descendre verb (descends, descend, descendons, descendez, )

Conjugations for get finished:

  1. get finished
  2. get finished
  3. gets finished
  4. get finished
  5. get finished
  6. get finished
simple past
  1. got finished
  2. got finished
  3. got finished
  4. got finished
  5. got finished
  6. got finished
present perfect
  1. have gotten finished
  2. have gotten finished
  3. has gotten finished
  4. have gotten finished
  5. have gotten finished
  6. have gotten finished
past continuous
  1. was getting finished
  2. were getting finished
  3. was getting finished
  4. were getting finished
  5. were getting finished
  6. were getting finished
  1. shall get finished
  2. will get finished
  3. will get finished
  4. shall get finished
  5. will get finished
  6. will get finished
continuous present
  1. am getting finished
  2. are getting finished
  3. is getting finished
  4. are getting finished
  5. are getting finished
  6. are getting finished
  1. be gotten finished
  2. be gotten finished
  3. be gotten finished
  4. be gotten finished
  5. be gotten finished
  6. be gotten finished
  1. get finished!
  2. let's get finished!
  3. gotten finished
  4. getting finished
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for get finished:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
descendre get finished become lower; bring down; carry down; climb down; climb off; come down; descend; diminish; dismount; drive down; drop; dwindle; elapse; end up somewhere; execute; execute capital punishment; expire; finish off; fire at; get off; go by; go down; kill; land; let descent; lift down; lower; murder; pass; put down; put someone off; put to the sword; shoot; shoot dead; shoot down; shrink; slide down; step down; step out; take down; take someone's life

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