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go back:

to go back verb (goes back, went back, going back)

  1. to go back (return; turn around)
    retourner; rentrer; revenir; détourner; se retourner; renverser; aller de retour; reculer; aller en arrière; tourner
    • retourner verb (retourne, retournes, retournons, retournez, )
    • rentrer verb (rentre, rentres, rentrons, rentrez, )
    • revenir verb (reviens, revient, revenons, revenez, )
    • détourner verb (détourne, détournes, détournons, détournez, )
    • renverser verb (renverse, renverses, renversons, renversez, )
    • reculer verb (recule, recules, reculons, reculez, )
    • tourner verb (tourne, tournes, tournons, tournez, )
  2. to go back (revert to; date back to; stem from; )

Conjugations for go back:

  1. go back
  2. go back
  3. goes back
  4. go back
  5. go back
  6. go back
simple past
  1. went back
  2. went back
  3. went back
  4. went back
  5. went back
  6. went back
present perfect
  1. have gone back
  2. have gone back
  3. has gone back
  4. have gone back
  5. have gone back
  6. have gone back
past continuous
  1. was going back
  2. were going back
  3. was going back
  4. were going back
  5. were going back
  6. were going back
  1. shall go back
  2. will go back
  3. will go back
  4. shall go back
  5. will go back
  6. will go back
continuous present
  1. am going back
  2. are going back
  3. is going back
  4. are going back
  5. are going back
  6. are going back
  1. be gone back
  2. be gone back
  3. be gone back
  4. be gone back
  5. be gone back
  6. be gone back
  1. go back!
  2. let's go back!
  3. gone back
  4. going back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aller de retour go back; return; turn around
aller en arrière go back; return; turn around
dater de date back to; go back; go back to; go down; return; revert to; stem from
détourner go back; return; turn around avert; divert; fend off; field; fob off with; foil; keep off; lay off; not follow up; parry; swing; turn; turn away; veer; ward off
reculer go back; return; turn around become despondent; budge; lose ground; make way for
remonter à date back to; go back; go back to; go down; return; revert to; stem from
rentrer go back; return; turn around backpedal; backtrack; come back; come in; draw in; drive in; enter; get in; go in; go inside; go into; haul in; pull in; put in; put inside; return; ride in; take in
renverser go back; return; turn around alter; be a failure; be overthrown; bend; blow down; bowl over; bring down; change; drive over; fall; hit over; jump down; knock down; knock over; modify; overthrow; overturn; pull down; push over; recast; reform; refound; reshape; rewrite; run over; somersault; take a nosedive; throw over; tip over; topple; topple over; tumble; upend; upset
retourner go back; return; turn around apply; backpedal; backtrack; bring back; come back; divert; drive back; flip; overturn; pay back; reform; refund; remodel; reorganise; reorganize; reshape; return; reverse; revolve; ride back; roll; rotate; send back; shift; swing around; throw back; turn; turn around; turn over; twist; whirl
revenir go back; return; turn around accrue to; backpedal; backtrack; be deserving of; come back; deserve; drive back; fall to; flow back; haunt; return; ride back
se retourner go back; return; turn around backpedal; backtrack; return; turn around
tourner go back; return; turn around change tack; churn; confuse; dangle; formulate; make dizzy; open; open up; oscillate; phrase; put into words; reverse; revolve; rock; roll; rotate; shift; spin; spin round; stir; swing; swing around; swing round; swing to and fro; swirl; tack; turn; turn around; turn away; turn on; twirl; twist; unlock; unscrew; veer; whirl; word
- date back; date from; recover; recuperate; recur

Synonyms for "go back":

Related Definitions for "go back":

  1. regain a former condition after a financial loss1
  2. return in thought or speech to something1
  3. belong to an earlier time1

Wiktionary Translations for go back:

go back
  1. to return to a place
  2. to abandon, desert, betray or fail someone or something
go back
  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens

Cross Translation:
go back retourner teruggaan — naar de punt van vertrek gaan

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