Detailed Translations for guarantee from English to French


to guarantee verb (guarantees, guaranteed, guaranteeing)

  1. to guarantee (warrant; vouch for; underwrite)
    garantir; assurer; rassurer; certifier; être garant de; se porter garant; ratifier; répondre pour; se porter caution pour
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • assurer verb (assure, assures, assurons, assurez, )
    • rassurer verb (rassure, rassures, rassurons, rassurez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )
    • ratifier verb (ratifie, ratifies, ratifions, ratifiez, )
  2. to guarantee (warrant; vouch; underwrite)
    garantir; se porter garant de; certifier; être garant que
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )
  3. to guarantee (warrant; vouch)
    être garant; se porter garant; garantir; certifier
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )

Conjugations for guarantee:

  1. guarantee
  2. guarantee
  3. guarantees
  4. guarantee
  5. guarantee
  6. guarantee
simple past
  1. guaranteed
  2. guaranteed
  3. guaranteed
  4. guaranteed
  5. guaranteed
  6. guaranteed
present perfect
  1. have guaranteed
  2. have guaranteed
  3. has guaranteed
  4. have guaranteed
  5. have guaranteed
  6. have guaranteed
past continuous
  1. was guaranteeing
  2. were guaranteeing
  3. was guaranteeing
  4. were guaranteeing
  5. were guaranteeing
  6. were guaranteeing
  1. shall guarantee
  2. will guarantee
  3. will guarantee
  4. shall guarantee
  5. will guarantee
  6. will guarantee
continuous present
  1. am guaranteeing
  2. are guaranteeing
  3. is guaranteeing
  4. are guaranteeing
  5. are guaranteeing
  6. are guaranteeing
  1. be guaranteed
  2. be guaranteed
  3. be guaranteed
  4. be guaranteed
  5. be guaranteed
  6. be guaranteed
  1. guarantee!
  2. let's guarantee!
  3. guaranteed
  4. guaranteeing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

guarantee [the ~] noun

  1. the guarantee (guarantee certificate)
  2. the guarantee (warranty; premises; bond; )
    la caution; le garant
  3. the guarantee (free service)
    la garantie; le service gratuit; le garant
  4. the guarantee (warrant; security; seal; imprint; stamp)
    le poinçon; la garantie
  5. the guarantee (safeguarding; protection)
    la garantie; la préservation; la protection
  6. the guarantee
    la garantie

Translation Matrix for guarantee:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
caution bond; edifice; guarantee; lot; pledge; premises; security; surety; warranty bail; bond; caution money; security
certificat de garantie guarantee; guarantee certificate
garant bond; edifice; free service; guarantee; lot; pledge; premises; security; surety; warranty bail; guarantor; hallmark; impress; imprint; seal; stamp
garantie free service; guarantee; guarantee certificate; imprint; protection; safeguarding; seal; security; stamp; warrant bond; caution money; decisiveness; determination; firmness; hallmark; impress; imprint; pledges; resoluteness; resolution; seal; securities; security; stamp; standing security; sureness
poinçon guarantee; imprint; seal; security; stamp; warrant alder; attribute; awl; brand; brand name; characteristic; drift; feature; hallmark; impress; imprint; property; punch; seal; stamp; trademark; trait
protection guarantee; protection; safeguarding cover; covering; data protection; patronage; protection; safety; security; shelter
préservation guarantee; protection; safeguarding assertion; conservation; conversation; deposit at; dialogue; entrust to; interview; leave with; lodge with; maintenance; preservation; saving; storing; talk
service gratuit free service; guarantee free service
- guaranty; warrant; warrantee; warranty
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
assurer guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant secure
certifier guarantee; underwrite; vouch; vouch for; warrant appear as a witness; bear testimony; bear witness; do as if; feign; give evidence; pretend; sham; testify; testify to
garantir guarantee; underwrite; vouch; vouch for; warrant guard; protect
rassurer guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant allay; reassure; set at ease; soothe
ratifier guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant accept; acknowledge; agree to; approve; assent; assent to; authenticate; authorise; authorize; bear out; certify; confirm; consent to; notice; ratify; sanction; seal; signal; support; uphold; validate
répondre pour guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant
se porter caution pour guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant
se porter garant guarantee; underwrite; vouch; vouch for; warrant
se porter garant de guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant
être garant guarantee; vouch; warrant
être garant de guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant be responsible; bear responsibility; hold liable; hold responsible
être garant que guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant
- assure; ensure; insure; secure; undertake; vouch; warrant
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- warranty

Related Words for "guarantee":

  • guaranteed, guarantees

Synonyms for "guarantee":

Related Definitions for "guarantee":

  1. a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications1
  2. an unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true1
    • there is no guarantee that they are not lying1
  3. a collateral agreement to answer for the debt of another in case that person defaults1
  4. promise to do or accomplish1
    • guarantee to free the prisoners1
  5. give surety or assume responsibility1
  6. make certain of1
    • Preparation will guarantee success!1
  7. stand behind and guarantee the quality, accuracy, or condition of1

Wiktionary Translations for guarantee:

  1. to assure that something will get done right
  1. person who gives such a guarantee
  2. anything that assures a certain outcome
  1. Rendre certain d’une chose
  2. Se rendre caution pour quelqu’un.
  3. juri|fr Se rendre garant, répondre d’une chose, du maintien, de l’exécution d’une chose. — note Se dit surtout en matière de procès, d’affaires et de négociation.
  1. garantie, assurance d’un engagement prendre par soi-même ou par un autre.
  2. garantie que l’on donne à quelqu’un comme sûreté d’une dette.
  3. sûreté, garantie.
  4. engagement par lequel on garantir. Il se dit surtout en matière de procédure et de négociations.

Cross Translation:
guarantee garantie waarborg — een geldbedrag of iets anders dat tijdelijk gegeven wordt als onderpand voor het geval men een verplichting niet na kan komen
guarantee garantie garantie — een verklaring waarin men verklaart voor bepaalde gevolgen in te staan
guarantee garantie GarantieSicherheit, Gewähr
guarantee garantie GewährSicherheit, Bürgschaft, Garantie
guarantee garantie Gewährleistung — verschuldensunabhängiges Einstehenmüssen seitens des Verkäufers für einen Mangel an einer verkauften Sache oder Dienstleistung
guarantee responsabilité HaftungRecht, nur Einzahl: die rechtliche Belangbarkeit

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