Detailed Translations for hood from English to French


hood [the ~] noun

  1. the hood
    – a headdress that protects the head and face 1
    le capuchon
  2. the hood (cap; wimple; casque)
    la casque; la capuce
  3. the hood (cooker hood; extractor)
  4. the hood

Translation Matrix for hood:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
capuce cap; casque; hood; wimple
capuchon hood cap; monk's hood; rain hat
casque cap; casque; hood; wimple casque; headpiece; helmet; steel cap; tin hat
hotte aspirante cooker hood; extractor; hood
hotte de cheminée hood flue of a chimney
- bonnet; cap; cowl; cowling; exhaust hood; goon; hoodlum; lens hood; punk; strong-armer; thug; tough; toughie
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- cap

Related Words for "hood":

  • hoods

Synonyms for "hood":

Related Definitions for "hood":

  1. (zoology) an expandable part or marking that resembles a hood on the head or neck of an animal1
  2. protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine1
    • there are powerful engines under the hoods of new cars1
  3. a headdress that protects the head and face1
  4. the folding roof of a carriage1
  5. metal covering leading to a vent that exhausts smoke or fumes1
  6. (falconry) a leather covering for a hawk's head1
  7. a tubular attachment used to keep stray light out of the lens of a camera1
  8. (slang) a neighborhood1
  9. a protective covering that is part of a plant1
  10. an aggressive and violent young criminal1
  11. cover with a hood1
    • The bandits were hooded1

Wiktionary Translations for hood:

  1. covering of a vent to suck away smoke or fumes
  2. front of car
  3. soft top
  4. headwear
  1. Partie métallique de l’avant qui abrite le moteur.
  2. Coiffe (3)
  3. pièce de vêtement jouant le rôle d'un chapeau en protégeant la tête de celui qui le porter.
  4. Couverture de tête d'un vêtement
  5. Coiffe de cuir
  6. Grande pièce d’étoffe épaisse
  7. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  8. Homme malhonnête ou violent
  1. Couvrir la tête d’un oiseau de proie de son chaperon

Cross Translation:
hood capot Haube — Kurzform von Motorhaube
hood capuce; capuchon; cagoule; capuche; chaperon KapuzeKleidung: Mantelhaube
hood casque Trockenhaube — elektrischer Haartrockner in Form einer Kopfbedeckung
hood capuche; capuchon capuchon — een hoofdkap bevestigd aan een kledingstuk

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