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Detailed Translations for insist from English to French


insist verb

  1. insist (urging)
    insister; pousser; solliciter
    • insister verb (insiste, insistes, insistons, insistez, )
    • pousser verb (pousse, pousses, poussons, poussez, )
    • solliciter verb (sollicite, sollicites, sollicitons, sollicitez, )
  2. insist (persist; urge; press; keep on)
    insister sur qc; presser; imposer; pousser
    • presser verb (presse, presses, pressons, pressez, )
    • imposer verb (impose, imposes, imposons, imposez, )
    • pousser verb (pousse, pousses, poussons, poussez, )
  3. insist (not revoke; not take back)
    maintenir; ne pas reprendre
    • maintenir verb (maintiens, maintient, maintenons, maintenez, )

Translation Matrix for insist:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
imposer force; pressing on
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
imposer insist; keep on; persist; press; urge assault; attack; burden; coerce; compel; force; lay on; lay violent hands upon; oblige; raid; saddle up; storm; violate
insister insist; urging emphasise; emphasize; force; tear; underline; urge on
insister sur qc insist; keep on; persist; press; urge
maintenir insist; not revoke; not take back bear; conserve; continue; endure; guard; hang on; hold; hold up; keep; keep up; maintain; persist; preserve; protect; render permanent; save; shield; stand; stand by; stand firm; tolerate; uphold
ne pas reprendre insist; not revoke; not take back
pousser insist; keep on; persist; press; urge; urging agitate; arise from; bring forward; bud; budge; churn; come up; deter; develop; drive; evolve out of; ferment; force; force up; frighten away; frighten off; germinate; give a push; grow; grow up; help along; help on; move over; nudge; originate; originate from; prompt; prosper; puff up; push; push along; push on; push open; push up; rise; scare off; shake up; shove; spring; sprout; stem from; stir; thrive; undergo fermentation; urge
presser insist; keep on; persist; press; urge accelerate; boost; chase; clasp; clench; clutch; compress; crush; drive; encourage; excite; fasten; grabble; grasp; grip; hasten; hurry; hustle; incite; make haste; move it; pack; peg out; pinch; pinch out; press; press in; press together; push on; quicken; rouse; rummage; rush; scramble; seize; speed up; squeeze; squeeze dry; squeeze empty; squeeze out; stimulate; storm; wedge
solliciter insist; urging appeal; appeal to someone; apply; apply for; apply to; ask; ask for; ask for information; beg; examine; file a petition; make enquiries; petition; pretest; query; request; require; test; try; try out
- assert; importune; take a firm stand
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
imposer impose
- urge

Related Words for "insist":

  • insisting

Synonyms for "insist":

Related Definitions for "insist":

  1. assert to be true1
  2. beg persistently and urgently1
  3. be emphatic or resolute and refuse to budge1
    • I must insist!1

Wiktionary Translations for insist:

  1. to hold up a claim emphatically
Cross Translation:
insist insister aandringen — doorgaan met verzoeken
insist insister bestehenauf etwas bestehen (meist mit Dativ, seltener mit Akkusativ): sich für etwas stark machen, nachdrücklich fordern, auf etwas beharren
insist insister dringen — etwas viel fordern, auf etwas bestehen
insist insister insistieren — auf etwas bestehen, drängen