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Detailed Translations for knead from English to French


to knead verb (kneads, kneaded, kneading)

  1. to knead (mould; form; model; shape; massage)
    former; façonner; modeler; mouler
    • former verb (forme, formes, formons, formez, )
    • façonner verb (façonne, façonnes, façonnons, façonnez, )
    • modeler verb (modèle, modèles, modelons, modelez, )
    • mouler verb (moule, moules, moulons, moulez, )

Conjugations for knead:

  1. knead
  2. knead
  3. kneads
  4. knead
  5. knead
  6. knead
simple past
  1. kneaded
  2. kneaded
  3. kneaded
  4. kneaded
  5. kneaded
  6. kneaded
present perfect
  1. have kneaded
  2. have kneaded
  3. has kneaded
  4. have kneaded
  5. have kneaded
  6. have kneaded
past continuous
  1. was kneading
  2. were kneading
  3. was kneading
  4. were kneading
  5. were kneading
  6. were kneading
  1. shall knead
  2. will knead
  3. will knead
  4. shall knead
  5. will knead
  6. will knead
continuous present
  1. am kneading
  2. are kneading
  3. is kneading
  4. are kneading
  5. are kneading
  6. are kneading
  1. be kneaded
  2. be kneaded
  3. be kneaded
  4. be kneaded
  5. be kneaded
  6. be kneaded
  1. knead!
  2. let's knead!
  3. kneaded
  4. kneading
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for knead:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
façonner form; knead; massage; model; mould; shape attend to it; attend to the matter; be; form; freshen up; make decent; model; mould; shape; treat; work on
former form; knead; massage; model; mould; shape be; bring up; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; educate; form; invent; lead up; learn; make; manufacture; model; mould; practice; practise; prepare; put together; qualify; raise; rear; shape; study; teach; train; tutor
modeler form; knead; massage; model; mould; shape be; form; model; mould; shape
mouler form; knead; massage; model; mould; shape be; bind tightly; form; model; mould; shape; span
- massage; rub down; work

Related Words for "knead":

  • kneading, kneader

Synonyms for "knead":

Related Definitions for "knead":

  1. manually manipulate (someone's body), usually for medicinal or relaxation purposes1
  2. make uniform1
    • knead dough1

Wiktionary Translations for knead:

  1. to work and press into a mass
  1. pétrir une matière pour la rendre plus molle.
  2. détremper de la farine avec de l’eau, la malaxer et en faire de la pâte.

Cross Translation:
knead pétrir kneden — een massa soepel maken door er steeds in te knijpen