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let in:

to let in verb (lets in, let in, letting in)

  1. to let in (admit)
    • admettre verb (admets, admet, admettons, admettez, )
  2. to let in (admit)
    noyer; faire entrer; laisser entrer; admettre; s'occuper de; encastrer; s'engager dans
    • noyer verb (noie, noies, noyons, noyez, )
    • admettre verb (admets, admet, admettons, admettez, )
    • encastrer verb (encastre, encastres, encastrons, encastrez, )
  3. to let in (allow in)
    laisser entrer; introduire; faire entrer; faire admettre; s'ouvrir à
    • introduire verb (introduis, introduit, introduisons, introduisez, )
  4. to let in (allow in; lead in; show in; open to)
  5. to let in (let inside)

Conjugations for let in:

  1. let in
  2. let in
  3. lets in
  4. let in
  5. let in
  6. let in
simple past
  1. let in
  2. let in
  3. let in
  4. let in
  5. let in
  6. let in
present perfect
  1. have let in
  2. have let in
  3. has let in
  4. have let in
  5. have let in
  6. have let in
past continuous
  1. was letting in
  2. were letting in
  3. was letting in
  4. were letting in
  5. were letting in
  6. were letting in
  1. shall let in
  2. will let in
  3. will let in
  4. shall let in
  5. will let in
  6. will let in
continuous present
  1. am letting in
  2. are letting in
  3. is letting in
  4. are letting in
  5. are letting in
  6. are letting in
  1. be let in
  2. be let in
  3. be let in
  4. be let in
  5. be let in
  6. be let in
  1. let in!
  2. let's let in!
  3. let in
  4. letting in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for let in:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
noyer walnut tree
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
admettre admit; let in abide; accede; accept; admit; admit the truth; allow; authorise; authorize; concede; confess; deliver; draw new members; give in; give one's fiat to; grant; hand over; permit; recruit; submit to; surrender; take; take on; take possession of; tolerate
encastrer admit; let in fit in; introduce; put in
faire admettre allow in; let in
faire entrer admit; allow in; lead in; let in; open to; show in break into; call in; drive into; enter by force; force one's way in; infiltrate; introduce; intrude; invade; lead in; penetrate; put in; send into; show in; sneak in
introduire allow in; let in bring in money; call in; introduce; introduce somebody to; lead in; open; put in; show in; sneak in; start; type in; usher in
laisser entrer admit; allow in; let in; let inside admit
noyer admit; let in booze away; drown; flood; flow over; inundate; overflow; submerge
s'engager dans admit; let in draw in; drive in; pull in; ride in
s'occuper de admit; let in attend to; be busy; be engaged in; deal with; engage in; feeling for; go in for; have to do; operate; proceed; pursue; serve; serve out; something to do; work
s'ouvrir à allow in; let in
- admit; allow in; include; intromit

Synonyms for "let in":

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Related Definitions for "let in":

  1. allow participation in or the right to be part of; permit to exercise the rights, functions, and responsibilities of1
  2. allow to enter; grant entry to1

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Cross Translation:
let in admettre; laisser entrer einlassen — jemanden hereinlassen

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