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  1. make a little jump:


Detailed Translations for make a little jump from English to French

make a little jump:

make a little jump verb

  1. make a little jump (jump; leap)
    sauter; bondir
    • sauter verb (saute, sautes, sautons, sautez, )
    • bondir verb (bondis, bondit, bondissons, bondissez, )

Translation Matrix for make a little jump:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bondir jump; leap; make a little jump ascend; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; bristle; climb; flare up; fly up; get away; go up; go upward; grow; hop up; increase; jump; jump up; leap up; mount; rise; rise to the surface; start; take off
sauter jump; leap; make a little jump blow to bits; burst into pieces; clang; clink; explode; fly to pieces; fuck; have sexual intercourse; jangle; jingle; jump over; miss out; pass over; rattling; roast; roast chestnuts; screw; shatter
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sauter blast

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