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Detailed Translations for manliness from English to French


manliness [the ~] noun

  1. the manliness (braveness)
    l'énergie; l'hardiesse; la vaillance

Translation Matrix for manliness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hardiesse braveness; manliness audacity; boldness; braveness; bravery; courage; daring; fearlessness; firmness; gallantry; guts; heroism; nerve; pluck; resolution; sturdiness; temerity; valor; valour; vigor; vigour
vaillance braveness; manliness bravery; courage; daring; gallantry; heroism; sturdiness; valor; valour; vigor; vigour
énergie braveness; manliness capacity for work; courage; current; decisiveness; drive; electric current; energy; fascination; fervor; fervour; gin; gusto; impetus; intensity; interest; jenever; lively; momentum; power; productivity; resilience; soul; spirit; spunk; stamina; strength; strongness; thoroughness; vigor; vigour; work force; zest
- manfulness; virility

Synonyms for "manliness":

Related Definitions for "manliness":

  1. the trait of being manly; having the characteristics of an adult male1

Wiktionary Translations for manliness:

  1. similarity to man
  1. caractère, qualité de mâle.
  2. courant|fr construction sociale qui situe les individus mâles dans les rapports sociaux et dans les rapports aux femmes.