Detailed Translations for march from English to French


march [the ~] noun

  1. the march (journey; tour; voyage; )
    le voyage; l'expédition; la randonnée; le tour; l'excursion; la promenade
  2. the march (borderland)
    le mark
  3. the march (advance; military walking)
    la marche; l'avance; l'approchement; l'approche

to march verb (marches, marched, marching)

  1. to march (manoeuvre; manoeuver)
    manoeuvrer; bouger; manier; actionner
    • manoeuvrer verb (manoeuvre, manoeuvres, manoeuvrons, manoeuvrez, )
    • bouger verb (bouge, bouges, bougeons, bougez, )
    • manier verb (manie, manies, manions, maniez, )
    • actionner verb (actionne, actionnes, actionnons, actionnez, )

Conjugations for march:

  1. march
  2. march
  3. marches
  4. march
  5. march
  6. march
simple past
  1. marched
  2. marched
  3. marched
  4. marched
  5. marched
  6. marched
present perfect
  1. have marched
  2. have marched
  3. has marched
  4. have marched
  5. have marched
  6. have marched
past continuous
  1. was marching
  2. were marching
  3. was marching
  4. were marching
  5. were marching
  6. were marching
  1. shall march
  2. will march
  3. will march
  4. shall march
  5. will march
  6. will march
continuous present
  1. am marching
  2. are marching
  3. is marching
  4. are marching
  5. are marching
  6. are marching
  1. be marched
  2. be marched
  3. be marched
  4. be marched
  5. be marched
  6. be marched
  1. march!
  2. let's march!
  3. marched
  4. marching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for march:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
approche advance; march; military walking approach; at hand; coming; coming up; manufacturing process; method; method of working; mode of operation; on the way; operation procedure; procedure; pulling up; routine; system; working method
approchement advance; march; military walking advance; approach; at hand; coming; on the way
avance advance; march; military walking advance; advanced money; allowance; approach; lead
excursion expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; tour; voyage day out; drive; excursion; feat; hike; jaunt; journey; outing; passage; pleasure-trip; ramble; tour; trick; trip; voyage; wandering
expédition expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; tour; voyage consignment; delivery; despatch; dispatch; expedition; forewarding; forwarding; mailing; reconnoitering expedition; remittance; scouting expedition; search; sending; sending in; shipment; supplies; supply; transfer
marche advance; march; military walking course; full speed; hiking; in transit; locomotion; passage through; rambling; rung; speed; stair; step; stile
mark borderland; march
promenade expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; tour; voyage drive; esplanade; excursion; footpath; hike; hiking tour; journey; outing; pavement; pleasure-trip; promenade; ramble; short walk; sidewalk; stroll; tour; tramp; trip; voyage; walk
randonnée expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; tour; voyage hike; hiking; hiking tour; outing; promenade; ramble; rambling; short walk; stroll; tramp; walk; wandering
tour expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; tour; voyage ability; adroitness; agility; art; avenue; castle-tower; circle; dealing with; dexterity; distance; drive; excursion; feat; game; gimmick; go; hike; hiking tour; inversion; journey; knack; lathe; making one's round; orbit; outing; passage; path; prank; promenade; ramble; reach; revolution; ring; road; rotation; round; shenanigan; short walk; silly trick; skill; skyscraper; sleight of hand; small circle; stretch; stroll; tour; tour of inspection; tower; tower block; track; trail; tramp; trick; trip; turn; turret; voyage; walk; way
voyage expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; tour; voyage tour; travel
- border district; borderland; marching; marching music; marchland
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
actionner manoeuver; manoeuvre; march bring action against; budge; drive; get going; mix; move; prompt; prosecute; put in motion; set in motion; stir; urge
bouger manoeuver; manoeuvre; march agitate; be coming off; be loose; budge; churn; get going; hang loose; mix; move; put in motion; set in motion; shake up; stir
manier manoeuver; manoeuvre; march attend to it; attend to the matter; command; cope with; direct; lead; manage; preside; treat; work on
manoeuvrer manoeuver; manoeuvre; march play
- abut; adjoin; border; butt; butt against; butt on; demonstrate; edge; exhibit; parade; process

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Synonyms for "march":

Related Definitions for "march":

  1. a steady advance1
    • the march of science1
    • the march of time1
  2. the act of marching; walking with regular steps (especially in a procession of some kind)1
    • it was a long march1
  3. genre of music written for marching1
    • Sousa wrote the best marches1
  4. a procession of people walking together1
    • the march went up Fifth Avenue1
  5. district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area1
    • the Welsh marches between England and Wales1
  6. lie adjacent to another or share a boundary1
    • England marches with Scotland1
  7. walk fast, with regular or measured steps; walk with a stride1
    • He marched into the classroom and announced the exam1
    • The soldiers marched across the border1
  8. walk ostentatiously1
  9. march in a procession1
  10. force to march1
    • The Japanese marched their prisoners through Manchuria1
  11. cause to march or go at a marching pace1
    • They marched the mules into the desert1
  12. march in protest; take part in a demonstration1

Wiktionary Translations for march:

  1. region at a frontier governed by a marquess
  2. song in the genre of music written for marching
  3. political rally or parade
  4. formal, rhythmic way of walking
  1. walk with long, regular strides
  1. détacher une chose du fil du cordon où elle passer.
  2. Se déplacer par un mouvement alternatif des jambes ou des pattes, en ayant toujours un appui au sol.
  1. (vieilli) province frontière, dirigée par un marquis.
  2. Musique

Cross Translation:
march marche MarkPlural 2: ein Gebiet an den (ehemaligen) Grenzen des Frankenreiches oder des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation (Grenzmark)
march marcher marschieren — (intransitiv): in geschlossener Reihe (und gleichem Schritt) gehen

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