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Detailed Translations for mediocre from English to French


Translation Matrix for mediocre:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- average; fair; middling; second-rate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- middling
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
banal average; common; mediocre acceptable; banal; below the belt; coarse; common; commonplace; crude; current; empty; futile; gross; hollow; idle; infinitesimal; insignificant; little; meaningless; minimal; minor; nasty; rotten; scant; seedy; shabby; slight; small; trifling; trite; trivial; unimportant; unmannerly; unremarkable; unsavory; unsavoury; vapid; vulgar
de second ordre average; mediocre; middling; so-so inferior; poor
indifférent average; common; mediocre abrasive; as hard as a nails; dispassionate; dry-eyed; emotionless; groundless; hard; hard as iron; hard as steel; hard as stone; hard-hearted; heartless; impassive; indifferent; indolent; insensitive; iron-hard; lax; regardless; soulless; stone-hard; supine; unaffected; uncaring; unfeeling; unfounded; unmoved; unperturbed; untouched
moyen average; mediocre; moderate average; medium; medium-sized; middle age; modal; secondary
médiocre average; feeble; mediocre; middling; moderate; not bad; not very good; poor; so-so average; inferior; medium; poor
ordinaire average; common; mediocre bogus; common; commonly; crude; customary; easily; easy; effortless; faked; false; feigned; fictitious; habitual; humble; mean; modest; not difficult; not genuine; not hard; of simple origin; ordinarily; ordinary; pedestrian; plain; quite common; sham; simple; stingy; unaffected; uncomplicated; usual; vile; vulgar

Synonyms for "mediocre":

Related Definitions for "mediocre":

  1. poor to middling in quality1
    • there have been good and mediocre and bad artists1
  2. lacking exceptional quality or ability1
    • the caliber of the students has gone from mediocre to above average1
  3. moderate to inferior in quality1
    • they improved the quality from mediocre to above average1

Wiktionary Translations for mediocre:

  1. ordinary: not extraordinary; not special, exceptional, or great; of medium quality
  1. Qui est dans la moyenne basse, moins qu'ordinaire (1):

Cross Translation:
mediocre médiocre mediokerbildungssprachlich, va.|: den Durchschnitt, das Mittelmaß nicht überschreitend; weder besonders gut, noch schlecht
mediocre médiocre mittelmäßig — weder gut noch schlecht, durchschnittlich
mediocre médiocre mäßig — dürftig, knapp, nicht genug
mediocre médiocre niveaulos — kein Niveau habend; keine geistige Höhe aufweisend