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Detailed Translations for mislead from English to French


to mislead verb (misleads, misled, misleading)

  1. to mislead (lead up the garden path; deceive; put on the wrong track)
    duper; induire en erreur
    • duper verb (dupe, dupes, dupons, dupez, )

Conjugations for mislead:

  1. mislead
  2. mislead
  3. misleads
  4. mislead
  5. mislead
  6. mislead
simple past
  1. misled
  2. misled
  3. misled
  4. misled
  5. misled
  6. misled
present perfect
  1. have misled
  2. have misled
  3. has misled
  4. have misled
  5. have misled
  6. have misled
past continuous
  1. was misleading
  2. were misleading
  3. was misleading
  4. were misleading
  5. were misleading
  6. were misleading
  1. shall mislead
  2. will mislead
  3. will mislead
  4. shall mislead
  5. will mislead
  6. will mislead
continuous present
  1. am misleading
  2. are misleading
  3. is misleading
  4. are misleading
  5. are misleading
  6. are misleading
  1. be misled
  2. be misled
  3. be misled
  4. be misled
  5. be misled
  6. be misled
  1. mislead!
  2. let's mislead!
  3. misled
  4. misleading
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for mislead:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
duper deceive; lead up the garden path; mislead; put on the wrong track aggrieve; badger; be disadvantuous; cause disadvantage; cause injury; cause someone sorrow; cheat; damage; deceive; diddle; do harm; dodge; fool; gull; harm; harm somebody; hoax; hoodwink; hurt; injure; lie; make fun; spoof; swindle; tease; trick; vex; woodwink
induire en erreur deceive; lead up the garden path; mislead; put on the wrong track be unfaithful; commit adultery; stray
- lead astray; misdirect; misguide; misinform

Related Words for "mislead":

Synonyms for "mislead":

Related Definitions for "mislead":

  1. give false or misleading information to1
  2. lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions1

Wiktionary Translations for mislead:

  1. to deceptively trick into something wrong
  2. to deceive by lies or other false impression
  3. lead in a false direction
  1. Abuser de la confiance de quelqu’un.
  2. Mettre hors du droit chemin
  3. Jeter dans l’erreur

Cross Translation:
mislead tromper misleiden — iemand in de waan van iets brengen
mislead tromper täuschenfalsche Tatsachen vorspiegeln