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  1. mobilize:
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Detailed Translations for mobilize from English to French


to mobilize verb, American (mobilizes, mobilized, mobilzing)

  1. to mobilize (mobilise)
    miser; engager; mobiliser
    • miser verb (mise, mises, misons, misez, )
    • engager verb (engage, engages, engageons, engagez, )
    • mobiliser verb (mobilise, mobilises, mobilisons, mobilisez, )

Conjugations for mobilize:

  1. mobilize
  2. mobilize
  3. mobilizes
  4. mobilize
  5. mobilize
  6. mobilize
simple past
  1. mobilized
  2. mobilized
  3. mobilized
  4. mobilized
  5. mobilized
  6. mobilized
present perfect
  1. have mobilized
  2. have mobilized
  3. has mobilized
  4. have mobilized
  5. have mobilized
  6. have mobilized
past continuous
  1. was mobilzing
  2. were mobilzing
  3. was mobilzing
  4. were mobilzing
  5. were mobilzing
  6. were mobilzing
  1. shall mobilize
  2. will mobilize
  3. will mobilize
  4. shall mobilize
  5. will mobilize
  6. will mobilize
continuous present
  1. am mobilzing
  2. are mobilzing
  3. is mobilzing
  4. are mobilzing
  5. are mobilzing
  6. are mobilzing
  1. be mobilized
  2. be mobilized
  3. be mobilized
  4. be mobilized
  5. be mobilized
  6. be mobilized
  1. mobilize!
  2. let's mobilize!
  3. mobilized
  4. mobilzing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for mobilize:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
engager mobilise; mobilize accept; administer; adopt; appeal to; apply; appoint; avail oneself of; begin; call; call in; call over; collect; commence; draw new members; employ; enforce; engage; enlist; enter; enter into; hire; implement; initiate; invite; invoke; kick off; make use of; nominate; operationalize; pawn; practice; practise; receive; recruit; set in motion; set up; sign on; start; start to; strike up; take; take off; take on; take upon oneself; tie on to; undertake; use; utilise; utilize
miser mobilise; mobilize bet; bet on; wager
mobiliser mobilise; mobilize apply yourself; show enthusiasm; show willingness
- call up; circulate; marshal; marshall; mobilise; rally; summon

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Synonyms for "mobilize":

Antonyms for "mobilize":

Related Definitions for "mobilize":

  1. cause to move around1
  2. make ready for action or use1
  3. get ready for war1
  4. call to arms; of military personnel1

Wiktionary Translations for mobilize:

  1. juri|fr (vieilli) Faire une convention en vertu de laquelle un immeuble réel ou réputer tel est considérer comme meuble.

Cross Translation:
mobilize mobiliser mobiliseren — gevechtsklaar maken van legeronderdelen
mobilize mobiliser mobiliseren — optrommelen en inschakelen van helpers, actiebereid maken van geestverwanten