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  1. move closer:


Detailed Translations for move closer from English to French

move closer:

move closer verb

  1. move closer (move up)
    ranger; se serrer; se ranger; se pousser
    • ranger verb (range, ranges, rangeons, rangez, )
    • se serrer verb
    • se ranger verb
    • se pousser verb

Translation Matrix for move closer:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ranger move closer; move up archivate; arrange; clean; clear away; document; file; gather; lay; lay aside; lay down; order; organise; organize; pack together; pack up; park; place; position; put; put away; put down; put in order; range; range together; save; scrape together; situate; store; stow; stow away; stuff; sweep; tidy up
se pousser move closer; move up step aside
se ranger move closer; move up
se serrer move closer; move up diminish; dwindle; shrink; shrink back; shrivel; shrivel up; subside; wizen

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