Detailed Translations for neglect from English to French


to neglect verb (neglects, neglected, neglecting)

  1. to neglect
    • négliger verb (néglige, négliges, négligeons, négligez, )
  2. to neglect
    négliger; omettre; manquer; renier
    • négliger verb (néglige, négliges, négligeons, négligez, )
    • omettre verb (omets, omet, omettons, omettez, )
    • manquer verb (manque, manques, manquons, manquez, )
    • renier verb (renie, renies, renions, reniez, )
  3. to neglect (disregard; omit; ignore)
    négliger; laisser; léguer
    • négliger verb (néglige, négliges, négligeons, négligez, )
    • laisser verb (laisse, laisses, laissons, laissez, )
    • léguer verb (lègue, lègues, léguons, léguez, )
  4. to neglect (be slovenly; spoil)
    se débaucher; gâcher; négliger; abîmer; se dégrader; se clochardiser
    • gâcher verb (gâche, gâches, gâchons, gâchez, )
    • négliger verb (néglige, négliges, négligeons, négligez, )
    • abîmer verb (abîme, abîmes, abîmons, abîmez, )

Conjugations for neglect:

  1. neglect
  2. neglect
  3. neglects
  4. neglect
  5. neglect
  6. neglect
simple past
  1. neglected
  2. neglected
  3. neglected
  4. neglected
  5. neglected
  6. neglected
present perfect
  1. have neglected
  2. have neglected
  3. has neglected
  4. have neglected
  5. have neglected
  6. have neglected
past continuous
  1. was neglecting
  2. were neglecting
  3. was neglecting
  4. were neglecting
  5. were neglecting
  6. were neglecting
  1. shall neglect
  2. will neglect
  3. will neglect
  4. shall neglect
  5. will neglect
  6. will neglect
continuous present
  1. am neglecting
  2. are neglecting
  3. is neglecting
  4. are neglecting
  5. are neglecting
  6. are neglecting
  1. be neglected
  2. be neglected
  3. be neglected
  4. be neglected
  5. be neglected
  6. be neglected
  1. neglect!
  2. let's neglect!
  3. neglected
  4. neglecting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

neglect [the ~] noun

  1. the neglect (omission; oversight)
    l'omission; la négligence; la nonchalance
  2. the neglect (dereliction; forsaking; revoke)
    l'inobservance; l'oubli; l'inobservation
  3. the neglect (omission; elision; declaration; )
  4. the neglect (nonchalance; negligence; carelessness)
    la négligence; la nonchalance; la désinvolture; le laisser-aller

Translation Matrix for neglect:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
désinvolture carelessness; neglect; negligence; nonchalance
inobservance dereliction; forsaking; neglect; revoke
inobservation dereliction; forsaking; neglect; revoke
laisser-aller carelessness; neglect; negligence; nonchalance carefreeness; light-heartedness
nonchalance carelessness; neglect; negligence; nonchalance; omission; oversight carefreeness; light-heartedness
négligence carelessness; neglect; negligence; nonchalance; omission; oversight carelessness; dirt; dirty; dirtyness; disarray; disorder; filth; filthy; inaccuracy; muck; obscenity; sloppiness; slovenliness; smut
omission declaration; deletion; elision; ellipsis; neglect; non-attendance; omission; oversight
oubli dereliction; forsaking; neglect; revoke forgetfulness
- carelessness; disregard; disuse; neglectfulness; negligence; nonperformance
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abîmer be slovenly; neglect; spoil attack; beat up; botch up; break; break down; break into pieces; break up; damage; demolish; destroy; drag down; erode; get down; hurt; injure; insult; knock about; mangle; maul; mess up; muck up; offend; pull down; roam; smash; smash into pieces; spoil; take down; tear down; tear loose; wander; wreck
gâcher be slovenly; neglect; spoil be lost; be wrecked; botch up; bungle; corrupt; crash; debase; decay; degenerate; deprave; deteriorate; dissipate; fall into decline; fool about; fool around; get acid; go bad; make sour; meet an accident; mess; mess about; mess around; mess up; muck up; perish; pervert; rot; slop; sour; spill; spoil; squander; tinker; turn sour; waste
laisser disregard; ignore; neglect; omit abandon; admit; allow; authorise; authorize; bequeath; cease; cede; concede; devise; dispose of by will; dump; give one's fiat to; give up; grant; leave behind; let back; let go; let stand; liberate; permit; release; set at liberty; set free; stop; submit to; tolerate; yield
léguer disregard; ignore; neglect; omit bequeath; devise; dispose of by will; dump; leave behind
manquer neglect be absent; be in need; be in want; be lacking; be lost; be missed; be missing; fail; fall flat; fall through; flop; get lost; go short; go wrong; lack; lose; lose one's face; meet with disaster; miss; overlook; pinch; pinch and scrape; press; squeeze
négliger be slovenly; disregard; ignore; neglect; omit; spoil coldshoulder; disregard; ignore; untidy
omettre neglect blur; conceal; disguise; drop; gloss over; hide; hush up; mantle; miss out; omit; pass over; suppress; veil
renier neglect deny; disavow; disown; renounce; repudiate
se clochardiser be slovenly; neglect; spoil decay morally; drift; go adrift; make leeway
se débaucher be slovenly; neglect; spoil decay morally
se dégrader be slovenly; neglect; spoil backslide; come to; decay morally; degenerate; drift; end in; go adrift; go to seed; lead to; make leeway; result in; turn out to be
- disregard; drop; fail; ignore; leave out; miss; omit; overleap; overlook; pretermit
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- be careless about; be neglectful of; carelessness; disregard; fail; mismanage; mismanagement; negligence; omit; pay no attention to

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Related Definitions for "neglect":

  1. willful lack of care and attention1
  2. failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances1
  3. the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern1
  4. lack of attention and due care1
  5. the state of something that has been unused and neglected1
    • the house was in a terrible state of neglect1
  6. leave undone or leave out1
  7. fail to attend to1
    • he neglects his children1
  8. give little or no attention to1
  9. fail to do something; leave something undone1

Wiktionary Translations for neglect:

  1. habitual lack of care
  2. act of neglecting
  1. disregard
  1. Sans soin, en désordre
  1. considérer avec dédain.
  2. Ne pas prendre soin d’une chose dont on devoir s’occuper.

Cross Translation:
neglect négliger verwaarlozen — iets niet de benodigde verzorging schenken
neglect manquement Versäumnis — das Unterlassen von etwas, wofür nur begrenzte Zeit zur Verfügung stand

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