Detailed Translations for niggling from English to French


niggling [the ~] noun

  1. the niggling (fiddling; tinkering; pottering)
    le bricolage; le travail d'amateur
  2. the niggling (hairsplitting; nitpicking)
    la chicane; l'ergoterie

niggling adj

  1. niggling (trifly)

Translation Matrix for niggling:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bricolage fiddling; niggling; pottering; tinkering botch job; bungle; bungling; bungling work; cottage industry; do it yourself work; fiddling; home crafts; home industry; messing; shoddy work; tampering; tinkering
chicane hairsplitting; niggling; nitpicking arguing; bickering; cavilling; fault-finding; hairsplitting; nitpicking; pettifoggery; quarreling; quibble; quibbling; splitting hairs; squabbling; wrangling
ergoterie hairsplitting; niggling; nitpicking cavilling; fault-finding; hairsplitting; quibbling over words
travail d'amateur fiddling; niggling; pottering; tinkering bungling; messing; muddling
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
futile niggling; trifly facetiously; futile; infinitesimal; insignificant; invalid; little; meaningless; minimal; minor; natural; not essential; null; relaxed; scant; slight; small; succinct; terse; trifling; trivial; unconstrained; unimportant; unremarkable; very little; very small; void
futilement niggling; trifly
mesquin niggling; trifly a small voice; avaricious; bashfull; bourgeois; confined; cramped; diffident; like a narrow minded man; lower-middle-class; miserly; narrow; narrow minded; narrow-mindedness; niggardly; parochial; petty; petty-bourgeois; pinchy; provincial; small-town; stingy
mesquinement niggling; trifly narrow-minded; petty

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Wiktionary Translations for niggling:

  1. France|fr (familier, fr) tatillon, ou pointilleux, et dont les exigences peuvent énerver l’entourage.


to niggle verb (niggles, niggled, niggling)

  1. to niggle (split hairs)
    • chicaner verb (chicane, chicanes, chicanons, chicanez, )
  2. to niggle (fidget; twiddle; fiddle)
    • tripoter verb (tripote, tripotes, tripotons, tripotez, )

Conjugations for niggle:

  1. niggle
  2. niggle
  3. niggles
  4. niggle
  5. niggle
  6. niggle
simple past
  1. niggled
  2. niggled
  3. niggled
  4. niggled
  5. niggled
  6. niggled
present perfect
  1. have niggled
  2. have niggled
  3. has niggled
  4. have niggled
  5. have niggled
  6. have niggled
past continuous
  1. was niggling
  2. were niggling
  3. was niggling
  4. were niggling
  5. were niggling
  6. were niggling
  1. shall niggle
  2. will niggle
  3. will niggle
  4. shall niggle
  5. will niggle
  6. will niggle
continuous present
  1. am niggling
  2. are niggling
  3. is niggling
  4. are niggling
  5. are niggling
  6. are niggling
  1. be niggled
  2. be niggled
  3. be niggled
  4. be niggled
  5. be niggled
  6. be niggled
  1. niggle!
  2. let's niggle!
  3. niggled
  4. niggling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for niggle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chicaner split hairs
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chicaner niggle; split hairs badger; bicker; chicane; have something on one's mind; nag; pester; squabble
tripoter fiddle; fidget; niggle; twiddle botch; bungle; fool about; fool around; fumble; mess about; mess around; muddle; muddle on; pick; potter about; tinker
- bicker; brabble; fret; fuss; pettifog; quibble; squabble

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Related Definitions for "niggle":

  1. argue over petty things1
  2. worry unnecessarily or excessively1

Wiktionary Translations for niggle:

Cross Translation:
niggle grogner; maugréer; maronner; râler; récriminer; ronchonner; rouspéter nörgelnpenetrant/störend, aber nicht aggressiv seinen Unmut äußern

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