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Detailed Translations for ordain from English to French


to ordain verb (ordains, ordained, ordaining)

  1. to ordain (order; charge)
    ordonner; prescrire; commander; dicter
    • ordonner verb (ordonne, ordonnes, ordonnons, ordonnez, )
    • prescrire verb (prescris, prescrit, prescrivons, prescrivez, )
    • commander verb (commande, commandes, commandons, commandez, )
    • dicter verb (dicte, dictes, dictons, dictez, )
  2. to ordain (decree; order)
    statuer; ordonner; décréter
    • statuer verb (statue, statues, statuons, statuez, )
    • ordonner verb (ordonne, ordonnes, ordonnons, ordonnez, )
    • décréter verb (décrète, décrètes, décrétons, décrétez, )

Conjugations for ordain:

  1. ordain
  2. ordain
  3. ordains
  4. ordain
  5. ordain
  6. ordain
simple past
  1. ordained
  2. ordained
  3. ordained
  4. ordained
  5. ordained
  6. ordained
present perfect
  1. have ordained
  2. have ordained
  3. has ordained
  4. have ordained
  5. have ordained
  6. have ordained
past continuous
  1. was ordaining
  2. were ordaining
  3. was ordaining
  4. were ordaining
  5. were ordaining
  6. were ordaining
  1. shall ordain
  2. will ordain
  3. will ordain
  4. shall ordain
  5. will ordain
  6. will ordain
continuous present
  1. am ordaining
  2. are ordaining
  3. is ordaining
  4. are ordaining
  5. are ordaining
  6. are ordaining
  1. be ordained
  2. be ordained
  3. be ordained
  4. be ordained
  5. be ordained
  6. be ordained
  1. ordain!
  2. let's ordain!
  3. ordained
  4. ordaining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ordain:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
commander charge; ordain; order be in command of; bid; charge; command; dictate; direct; exercise authority; exert power; extort; instruct; lead; order; preside; reign; rule; take the lead
dicter charge; ordain; order charge; command; commission; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; exert power; force; order; rule
décréter decree; ordain; order call; charge; command; give notice of; order; proclaim; to declare; to decree; to ordain
ordonner charge; decree; ordain; order be in command of; call; charge; command; commission; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; dictate a letter; exert power; force; give notice of; list all the points; order; preside; proclaim; rule; take the lead
prescrire charge; ordain; order bid; charge; command; commission; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; direct; exert power; force; instruct; order; rule
statuer decree; ordain; order
- consecrate; enact; order; ordinate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- establish; institute

Related Words for "ordain":

  • ordaining, ordainment

Synonyms for "ordain":

Related Definitions for "ordain":

  1. issue an order1
  2. appoint to a clerical posts1
    • he was ordained in the Church1
  3. invest with ministerial or priestly authority1
    • The minister was ordained only last month1
  4. order by virtue of superior authority; decree1
    • The King ordained the persecution and expulsion of the Jews1

Wiktionary Translations for ordain:

  1. (religion) consacrer au culte, au service divin avec certaines cérémonies.
  2. Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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