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  1. pay out:


Detailed Translations for pay out from English to French

pay out:

to pay out verb (pays out, paid out, paying out)

  1. to pay out (pay; pay over; cash)
    • payer verb (paye, payes, payons, payez, )
  2. to pay out (remit)
    allouer; verser; distribuer
    • allouer verb (alloue, alloues, allouons, allouez, )
    • verser verb (verse, verses, versons, versez, )
    • distribuer verb (distribue, distribues, distribuons, distribuez, )

Conjugations for pay out:

  1. pay out
  2. pay out
  3. pays out
  4. pay out
  5. pay out
  6. pay out
simple past
  1. paid out
  2. paid out
  3. paid out
  4. paid out
  5. paid out
  6. paid out
present perfect
  1. have paid out
  2. have paid out
  3. has paid out
  4. have paid out
  5. have paid out
  6. have paid out
past continuous
  1. was paying out
  2. were paying out
  3. was paying out
  4. were paying out
  5. were paying out
  6. were paying out
  1. shall pay out
  2. will pay out
  3. will pay out
  4. shall pay out
  5. will pay out
  6. will pay out
continuous present
  1. am paying out
  2. are paying out
  3. is paying out
  4. are paying out
  5. are paying out
  6. are paying out
  1. be paid out
  2. be paid out
  3. be paid out
  4. be paid out
  5. be paid out
  6. be paid out
  1. pay out!
  2. let's pay out!
  3. paid out
  4. paying out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pay out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
allouer pay out; remit allocate; distribute; hand out; ration
distribuer pay out; remit allow; bring; bring around; confer; deliver; dish out; dispense; distribute; dole out; furnish; give; give out; hand out; hand over to; hand round; parcel out; pass around; provide; ration; send; send round; ship; supply
payer cash; pay; pay out; pay over atone for; bear the costs; continue to pay; expiate; honor; honour; make even; pay; pay a bill; pay for; pay for one's mistake's; pay off; pay on account; pay up; receipt; remunerate; repay; reward; settle; suffer
verser pay out; remit administer; bestow; deposit; deposit into account; distribute; donate; drink; drink up; empty; finish; give; give a present; grant; hand out; offer; pour; pour down; pour in; pour into; pour out; pour over; ration; remit; send; shed; sprinkle; transfer
- disburse

Synonyms for "pay out":

  • disburse; pay

Related Definitions for "pay out":

  1. expend, as from a fund1

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