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Detailed Translations for peel off from English to French

peel off:

to peel off verb (peels off, peeled off, peeling off)

  1. to peel off (flake; scale off)
    peler; s'effriter; s'écailler; s'exfolier; se desquamer
    • peler verb (pèle, pèles, pelons, pelez, )
    • s'effriter verb
    • s'exfolier verb

Conjugations for peel off:

  1. peel off
  2. peel off
  3. peels off
  4. peel off
  5. peel off
  6. peel off
simple past
  1. peeled off
  2. peeled off
  3. peeled off
  4. peeled off
  5. peeled off
  6. peeled off
present perfect
  1. have peeled off
  2. have peeled off
  3. has peeled off
  4. have peeled off
  5. have peeled off
  6. have peeled off
past continuous
  1. was peeling off
  2. were peeling off
  3. was peeling off
  4. were peeling off
  5. were peeling off
  6. were peeling off
  1. shall peel off
  2. will peel off
  3. will peel off
  4. shall peel off
  5. will peel off
  6. will peel off
continuous present
  1. am peeling off
  2. are peeling off
  3. is peeling off
  4. are peeling off
  5. are peeling off
  6. are peeling off
  1. be peeled off
  2. be peeled off
  3. be peeled off
  4. be peeled off
  5. be peeled off
  6. be peeled off
  1. peel off!
  2. let's peel off!
  3. peeled off
  4. peeling off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for peel off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
peler flake; peel off; scale off peel; rind; skin
s'effriter flake; peel off; scale off cave in; crumble away
s'exfolier flake; peel off; scale off flake; peel
s'écailler flake; peel off; scale off burst off; crack off; flake; fly off; peel; spatter off
se desquamer flake; peel off; scale off
- desquamate; flake; flake off; peel

Synonyms for "peel off":

Related Definitions for "peel off":

  1. peel off in scales1
  2. take off, as with some difficulty1
  3. come off in flakes or thin small pieces1
  4. peel off the outer layer of something1
  5. leave a formation1

Wiktionary Translations for peel off:

peel off
  1. to separate
    • peel off → s'écailler

Cross Translation:
peel off s’écailler abblättern — (intransitiv) sich in dünnen Blättchen ablösen

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