Detailed Translations for pour in from English to French

pour in:

to pour in verb (pours in, poured in, pouring in)

  1. to pour in
  2. to pour in (stream in to; stream to)
  3. to pour in (administer)
    verser; appliquer; administrer; faire prendre; faire avaler; faire consommer
    • verser verb (verse, verses, versons, versez, )
    • appliquer verb (applique, appliques, appliquons, appliquez, )
    • administrer verb (administre, administres, administrons, administrez, )
  4. to pour in (stream in; crowd to; move to; flock to)
    affluer; déferler sur; pénétrer à flots
    • affluer verb (afflue, afflues, affluons, affluez, )
  5. to pour in (crash down; fall down)
    faire une rechute; tomber; s'écraser
    • tomber verb (tombe, tombes, tombons, tombez, )
    • s'écraser verb
  6. to pour in (flock to; move to; stream to; crowd to)

Conjugations for pour in:

  1. pour in
  2. pour in
  3. pours in
  4. pour in
  5. pour in
  6. pour in
simple past
  1. poured in
  2. poured in
  3. poured in
  4. poured in
  5. poured in
  6. poured in
present perfect
  1. have poured in
  2. have poured in
  3. has poured in
  4. have poured in
  5. have poured in
  6. have poured in
past continuous
  1. was pouring in
  2. were pouring in
  3. was pouring in
  4. were pouring in
  5. were pouring in
  6. were pouring in
  1. shall pour in
  2. will pour in
  3. will pour in
  4. shall pour in
  5. will pour in
  6. will pour in
continuous present
  1. am pouring in
  2. are pouring in
  3. is pouring in
  4. are pouring in
  5. are pouring in
  6. are pouring in
  1. be poured in
  2. be poured in
  3. be poured in
  4. be poured in
  5. be poured in
  6. be poured in
  1. pour in!
  2. let's pour in!
  3. poured in
  4. pouring in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pour in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
administrer administer; pour in administer; be in command of; command; direct; lead; manage; order; preside; run; take the lead
affluer crowd to; flock to; move to; pour in; stream in
affluer dans crowd to; flock to; move to; pour in; stream in to; stream to
appliquer administer; pour in add; administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; comply with; employ; enforce; engage; handle; implement; live up to; locate; make use of; place; practice; practise; put; put down; situate; take; use; utilise; utilize
déferler sur crowd to; flock to; move to; pour in; stream in; stream to
faire avaler administer; pour in administer; apply; nurse
faire consommer administer; pour in
faire prendre administer; pour in administer; apply; nurse
faire une rechute crash down; fall down; pour in crash down; fall down; implode
pénétrer à flots crowd to; flock to; move to; pour in; stream in; stream to
s'écraser crash down; fall down; pour in be lost; be wrecked; collapse; crash; crash down; drop; fail; fall down; flop down; implode; meet an accident; meet with disaster; perish; plop down; plump down; thunder down
tomber crash down; fall down; pour in be a failure; be overthrown; collapse; come down; crash down; depend on; descend; drape; drop; end up somewhere; fall; fall down; fall off; fall over; go down; hang; land; sink; somersault; take a nosedive; thunder down; trip up; tumble; tumble down
verser administer; pour in bestow; deposit; deposit into account; distribute; donate; drink; drink up; empty; finish; give; give a present; grant; hand out; offer; pay out; pour; pour down; pour into; pour out; pour over; ration; remit; send; shed; sprinkle; transfer
verser dans pour in let flow in; stream in

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