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  1. put in gaol:


Detailed Translations for put in gaol from English to French

put in gaol:

put in gaol verb

  1. put in gaol (detain; hold; lock up)
    emprisonner; tenir; détenir; conserver; retenir; garder
    • emprisonner verb (emprisonne, emprisonnes, emprisonnons, emprisonnez, )
    • tenir verb (tiens, tient, tenons, tenez, )
    • détenir verb (détiens, détient, détenons, détenez, )
    • conserver verb (conserve, conserves, conservons, conservez, )
    • retenir verb (retiens, retient, retenons, retenez, )
    • garder verb (garde, gardes, gardons, gardez, )

Translation Matrix for put in gaol:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
conserver detain; hold; lock up; put in gaol aid someone financially; back someone; balm; can; collect; conserve; cure; detain; embalm; gather together; glean; guard; guard from; hang on; hold; horde; keep; keep up; lay up; maintain; pick up; pickle; preserve; protect; provide for; put up; retain; salt; save; secure; shield; souse; stand by; stand firm; stock; store; support; tin; uphold
détenir detain; hold; lock up; put in gaol blur; conceal; detain; disguise; gloss over; hide; hold captive; hush up; mantle; suppress; veil
emprisonner detain; hold; lock up; put in gaol detain
garder detain; hold; lock up; put in gaol allocate; conserve; detain; don't let go of; equip with an alarm system; guard; hang on; herd; hold; keep; keep and eye on; keep free; keep watch over; lay; lay aside; maintain; monitor; patrol; place; preserve; protect; put; put aside; put away; put down; reserve; restrain; retain; safeguard; save; secure; set aside; shield; stand by; stand firm; store; supervise; uphold; watch
retenir detain; hold; lock up; put in gaol allocate; blur; charter; conceal; control; cross; crush; deduct; detain; discourage; disguise; dissuade; don't let go of; gloss over; grab; hang on; have got hold of; hide; hinder; hold; hold back; hush up; keep; keep back; keep in control; keep under control; maintain; mantle; moderate; obstruct; oppose; preserve; prevent; pulverise; pulverize; put aside; put away; recant; record; remain standing; remember; reserve; restrain; retain; retract; revoke; rub fine; sabotage; set aside; stand by; stand firm; stand still; stay put; stem; stop; subdue; suppress; take back; thwart; uphold; upset; veil; withhold
tenir detain; hold; lock up; put in gaol bear; detain; don't let go of; endure; have; have got hold of; hold; keep; own; persist; possess; retain; stand; tolerate

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