Detailed Translations for recall from English to French


to recall verb (recalls, recalled, recalling)

  1. to recall (revoke; repeal; reverse; recant)
    rétracter; révoquer; rappeler
    • rétracter verb (rétracte, rétractes, rétractons, rétractez, )
    • révoquer verb (révoque, révoques, révoquons, révoquez, )
    • rappeler verb (rappelle, rappelles, rappelons, rappelez, )
  2. to recall (call back)
    se rappeler; se souvenir de; penser à; remémorer
    • penser à verb
    • remémorer verb (remémore, remémores, remémorons, remémorez, )
  3. to recall (revoke; reverse; repeal; recant)
    révoquer; reprendre; retirer; rétracter
    • révoquer verb (révoque, révoques, révoquons, révoquez, )
    • reprendre verb (reprends, reprend, reprenons, reprenez, )
    • retirer verb (retire, retires, retirons, retirez, )
    • rétracter verb (rétracte, rétractes, rétractons, rétractez, )

Conjugations for recall:

  1. recall
  2. recall
  3. recalls
  4. recall
  5. recall
  6. recall
simple past
  1. recalled
  2. recalled
  3. recalled
  4. recalled
  5. recalled
  6. recalled
present perfect
  1. have recalled
  2. have recalled
  3. has recalled
  4. have recalled
  5. have recalled
  6. have recalled
past continuous
  1. was recalling
  2. were recalling
  3. was recalling
  4. were recalling
  5. were recalling
  6. were recalling
  1. shall recall
  2. will recall
  3. will recall
  4. shall recall
  5. will recall
  6. will recall
continuous present
  1. am recalling
  2. are recalling
  3. is recalling
  4. are recalling
  5. are recalling
  6. are recalling
  1. be recalled
  2. be recalled
  3. be recalled
  4. be recalled
  5. be recalled
  6. be recalled
  1. recall!
  2. let's recall!
  3. recalled
  4. recalling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

recall [the ~] noun

  1. the recall (curtain call)
    le rappel
  2. the recall (call back)
    la révocation; le rappel
  3. the recall

Translation Matrix for recall:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fait de se rappeler recall
rappel call back; curtain call; recall callback; memorandum; memory; recollection; redial; remembrance; reminder
révocation call back; recall cancellation; lifting; repeal; retractation; retraction; revocation; revoking; withdrawal
- callback; recollection; reminiscence
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
penser à call back; recall be prepared for; remember
rappeler recall; recant; repeal; reverse; revoke call back; cast one's mind back to; don't forget; dun; make one think of; phone back; recall to memory; redial; remember; remind; remind one of; revoke; ring back; think back to
remémorer call back; recall remind; send for; subpoena; summon
reprendre recall; recant; repeal; reverse; revoke chide; control; correct; find again; keep back; moderate; put straight; rebuke; recapture; reconquer; rectify; regain; reprimand; reprove; restart; resume; retake; revoke; set right; start again; subdue; take up the thread of one's narrative
retirer recall; recant; repeal; reverse; revoke annul; bear a grudge; bear malice; blame; blame someone of; cadge; cancel; clean out; clear; clear out; collar; control; deprive; discredit; drain; empty; expropriate; filch; finish; go thieving; harbour a grudge; keep back; keep under control; make off with; moderate; nick; pilfer; pinch; pull out; purloin; rancor; rancour; rebuke; remove; reprimand; reproach; rescind; restrain; revoke; rob; snatch; snitch; steal; subdue; suppress; swipe; take; take away; take out; undo; unpick
rétracter recall; recant; repeal; reverse; revoke revoke
révoquer recall; recant; repeal; reverse; revoke annul; cancel; deprive of; oust; remove; rescind; revoke
se rappeler call back; recall cast one's mind back to; don't forget; remember; remind; think back to
se souvenir de call back; recall remember
- call back; call in; call up; come back; echo; hark back; recollect; remember; retrieve; return; think; withdraw

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Related Definitions for "recall":

  1. the act of removing an official by petition1
  2. the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort)1
    • he has total recall of the episode1
  3. a bugle call that signals troops to return1
  4. a call to return1
    • the recall of our ambassador1
  5. a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)1
  6. recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection1
  7. cause one's (or someone else's) thoughts or attention to return from a reverie or digression1
    • She was recalled by a loud laugh1
  8. summon to return1
    • The ambassador was recalled to his country1
  9. go back to something earlier1
  10. cause to be returned1
    • recall the defective auto tires1
  11. make unavailable; bar from sale or distribution1
    • The company recalled the product when it was found to be faulty1
  12. call to mind1

Wiktionary Translations for recall:

  1. to call (someone) back to a specific place, station
  2. to remember, recollect
  3. to order the return of (faulty product)
  1. -
  1. amener de nouveau.
  2. appeler de nouveau (sens général)
  1. Se rappeler quelque chose dans sa mémoire ; se souvenir.

Cross Translation:
recall mémoire Erinnerungohne Plural: die Fähigkeit, Vergangenes im Gedächtnis zu behalten; die Summe aller Erinnerungen [2] eines Menschen
recall souvenir Erinnerung — ein bestimmter Gedanke, der durch die Fähigkeit [1] verblieben ist
recall destituer; rappeler abberufen — (transitiv) jemanden von seinem Amt oder seiner Funktion entheben

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