Detailed Translations for revive from English to French


to revive verb (revives, revived, reviving)

  1. to revive (generate; activate; reactivate; )
    raviver; ranimer; aviver; vitaliser; vivifier; animer
    • raviver verb (ravive, ravives, ravivons, ravivez, )
    • ranimer verb (ranime, ranimes, ranimons, ranimez, )
    • aviver verb (avive, avives, avivons, avivez, )
    • vitaliser verb
    • vivifier verb (vivifie, vivifies, vivifions, vivifiez, )
    • animer verb (anime, animes, animons, animez, )
  2. to revive
  3. to revive (refresh; enliven; freshen up)
    renouveler; rafraîchir; se rafraîchir
    • renouveler verb (renouvelle, renouvelles, renouvelons, renouvelez, )
    • rafraîchir verb (rafraîchis, rafraîchit, rafraîchissons, rafraîchissez, )
  4. to revive (recover; get over)
    récupérer; revivre; ranimer; se remettre sur pied; toucher; se remettre; se remettre lentement
    • récupérer verb (récupère, récupères, récupérons, récupérez, )
    • revivre verb (revis, revit, revivons, revivez, )
    • ranimer verb (ranime, ranimes, ranimons, ranimez, )
    • toucher verb (touche, touches, touchons, touchez, )

Conjugations for revive:

  1. revive
  2. revive
  3. revives
  4. revive
  5. revive
  6. revive
simple past
  1. revived
  2. revived
  3. revived
  4. revived
  5. revived
  6. revived
present perfect
  1. have revived
  2. have revived
  3. has revived
  4. have revived
  5. have revived
  6. have revived
past continuous
  1. was reviving
  2. were reviving
  3. was reviving
  4. were reviving
  5. were reviving
  6. were reviving
  1. shall revive
  2. will revive
  3. will revive
  4. shall revive
  5. will revive
  6. will revive
continuous present
  1. am reviving
  2. are reviving
  3. is reviving
  4. are reviving
  5. are reviving
  6. are reviving
  1. be revived
  2. be revived
  3. be revived
  4. be revived
  5. be revived
  6. be revived
  1. revive!
  2. let's revive!
  3. revived
  4. reviving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for revive:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
toucher impact; sense of touch; sensory perception; tactile sense; touch
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
animer activate; awake; excite; freshen; generate; reactivate; recover; refresh; revive; rouse activate; aggravate; animate; arouse; awake; boost; encourage; encourage someone; excite; incite; inspire; motivate; motivate someone; prompt; provoke; push on; put someone on to something; shake someone awake; stimulate; strike into; support; urge
aviver activate; awake; excite; freshen; generate; reactivate; recover; refresh; revive; rouse blow the fire; encourage; fan; fan a flame; foment; incite; motivate; poke up; stimulate; stir up; stoke up
rafraîchir enliven; freshen up; refresh; revive beautify; become chilly; become cold; become cool; become fresh; brighten up; cheer up; chill; comfort; cool; cool down; cool off; decorate; doll up; dress up; embellish; fix up; freshen; freshen up; garnish; get cold; get cooler; get fresh; gladden; grow cold; grow cooler; liven up; put new life into; quench thirst; refresh; refrigerate; relieve; renew; renovate; resume; revitalise; revitalize; tidy up; trim
ranimer activate; awake; excite; freshen; generate; get over; reactivate; recover; refresh; revive; rouse aggravate; blow; blow the fire; cheer on; drag up; encourage; encourage someone; fan; fan a flame; fire; incite; inspire; motivate; motivate someone; poke up; rake up; refresh; stimulate; stir up; stoke up; strike into
raviver activate; awake; excite; freshen; generate; reactivate; recover; refresh; revive; rouse activate; arouse; awake; brighten up; cheer up; comfort; drag up; encourage; excite; gladden; liven up; rake up; stimulate; stir up; support
renouveler enliven; freshen up; refresh; revive better; correct; exchange; fix; fix up; freshen; get better; improve; interchange; make better; mend; put new life into; reappoint; redevelop; refresh; renew; renovate; repair; replace; restart; restore; resume; revitalise; revitalize; start again; substitute; swap; trade
reprendre ses forces revive
revivre get over; recover; revive resurrect; rise again; rise from the dead
récupérer get over; recover; revive catch up; catch up with; claim; demand; find again; gain; get back; recover; regain; retake; retrieve; run in
se rafraîchir enliven; freshen up; refresh; revive boost; chill; cool; cool down; cool off; freshen; freshen oneself up; freshen up; jack up v; patch up; pep up; quench one's thirst; refresh; refurbish; tidy oneself up; tidy up
se remettre get over; recover; revive allay; better one's life; boost; breathe again; brighten up; calm down; catch one's breath; cheer up; comfort; cool down; get better; gladden; heave a sigh of relief; improve; jack up v; liven up; patch up; pep up; recover one's breath; refurbish; soothe; struggle up; subside
se remettre lentement get over; recover; revive
se remettre sur pied get over; recover; revive struggle up
se réanimer revive
toucher get over; recover; revive acquire; affect; be adjacent to; bear; begin; border; border on; cash; cause emotions; collect money; come by; commence; concern; earn; earn wages; feel; gain; glance; grope; hit; impress; influence; just touch; meet; move; obtain; procure; regard; relate to; set in motion; set up; start; start to; stir; strike; strike up; tag; take off; take on; take upon oneself; tap; tick; touch; touch upon; undertake; verge on
vitaliser activate; awake; excite; freshen; generate; reactivate; recover; refresh; revive; rouse
vivifier activate; awake; excite; freshen; generate; reactivate; recover; refresh; revive; rouse activate; animate; arouse; awake; cheer on; encourage; excite; fire; incite; inspire; prompt; stimulate; strike into; support
- animate; come to; quicken; reanimate; recreate; renovate; repair; resurrect; resuscitate; revivify; vivify
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
récupérer retrieve
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- repeat; rerun

Related Words for "revive":

  • reviving

Synonyms for "revive":

Related Definitions for "revive":

  1. return to consciousness1
    • She revived after the doctor gave her an injection1
  2. give new life or energy to1
    • A hot soup will revive me1
  3. cause to regain consciousness1
    • The doctors revived the comatose man1
  4. restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state1
    • He revived this style of opera1
  5. be brought back to life, consciousness, or strength1
    • Interest in ESP revived1

Wiktionary Translations for revive:

  1. rendre la vie ; redonner la vie.
  2. revenir de la mort à la vie
  3. ressusciter, revenir à la vie.

Cross Translation:
revive revivre opleven — weer tot bloei komen
revive renaître; revivre herleven — opnieuw tot leven komen, opnieuw opbloeien
revive rafraîchir; revigorer erquickengehoben: neu beleben, laben