Detailed Translations for rummage from English to French


to rummage verb (rummages, rummaged, rummaging)

  1. to rummage (go through; search; ransack)
    fouiller; scruter; sonder
    • fouiller verb (fouille, fouilles, fouillons, fouillez, )
    • scruter verb (scrute, scrutes, scrutons, scrutez, )
    • sonder verb (sonde, sondes, sondons, sondez, )
  2. to rummage (burrow)
  3. to rummage (potter about)
    farfouiller; faire n'importe quoi
    • farfouiller verb (farfouille, farfouilles, farfouillons, farfouillez, )
  4. to rummage (scramble; grabble)
    bousculer; harceler; presser; talonner
    • bousculer verb (bouscule, bouscules, bousculons, bousculez, )
    • harceler verb (harcelle, harcelles, harcelons, harcelez, )
    • presser verb (presse, presses, pressons, pressez, )
    • talonner verb (talonne, talonnes, talonnons, talonnez, )
  5. to rummage (sniff; root up)
    fouiller; flairer
    • fouiller verb (fouille, fouilles, fouillons, fouillez, )
    • flairer verb (flaire, flaires, flairons, flairez, )

Conjugations for rummage:

  1. rummage
  2. rummage
  3. rummages
  4. rummage
  5. rummage
  6. rummage
simple past
  1. rummaged
  2. rummaged
  3. rummaged
  4. rummaged
  5. rummaged
  6. rummaged
present perfect
  1. have rummaged
  2. have rummaged
  3. has rummaged
  4. have rummaged
  5. have rummaged
  6. have rummaged
past continuous
  1. was rummaging
  2. were rummaging
  3. was rummaging
  4. were rummaging
  5. were rummaging
  6. were rummaging
  1. shall rummage
  2. will rummage
  3. will rummage
  4. shall rummage
  5. will rummage
  6. will rummage
continuous present
  1. am rummaging
  2. are rummaging
  3. is rummaging
  4. are rummaging
  5. are rummaging
  6. are rummaging
  1. be rummaged
  2. be rummaged
  3. be rummaged
  4. be rummaged
  5. be rummaged
  6. be rummaged
  1. rummage!
  2. let's rummage!
  3. rummaged
  4. rummaging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for rummage:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fouiller feeling; scanning; sensing
- ransacking
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bousculer grabble; rummage; scramble hit over; knock down; knock over; push; push away; push off; push over; run down; shove away; upend; upset
faire n'importe quoi potter about; rummage fool about; fool around; mess about; mess around; potter about
farfouiller potter about; rummage fool about; fool around; grope about; mess about; mess around; potter about; rummage about; rummage around
flairer root up; rummage; sniff browse; ferret; get wind of; investigate; nose; pry; research; scent; search for; sense; smell; sniff around; sniffle; snuffle
fouiller go through; ransack; root up; rummage; search; sniff browse; burrow; churn; drudge; examine; explore; ferret; ferret about; ferret around; frisk; grabble; grope about; hunt; investigate; look for; nose; nose about; nose around; potter about; prospect; pry; research; root; rout; rummage about; rummage around; scan; search; search for; seek; smell; sniff around; turn about
fouiller dans burrow; rummage
fouir dans burrow; rummage
harceler grabble; rummage; scramble bother; harass; nag; trouble; visit
presser grabble; rummage; scramble accelerate; boost; chase; clasp; clench; clutch; compress; crush; drive; encourage; excite; fasten; grasp; grip; hasten; hurry; hustle; incite; insist; keep on; make haste; move it; pack; peg out; persist; pinch; pinch out; press; press in; press together; push on; quicken; rouse; rush; seize; speed up; squeeze; squeeze dry; squeeze empty; squeeze out; stimulate; storm; urge; wedge
scruter go through; ransack; rummage; search look for; search for; seek
sonder go through; ransack; rummage; search approach someone; explore; gauge; get at the root of; get to the bottom; knock on; measure; probe; prospect; scan; size up the situation; sound; sound out about; tap on
talonner grabble; rummage; scramble

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Related Definitions for "rummage":

  1. a thorough search for something (often causing disorder or confusion)1
    • he gave the attic a good rummage but couldn't find his skis1
  2. a jumble of things to be given away1
  3. search haphazardly1
    • We rummaged through the drawers1

Wiktionary Translations for rummage:

  1. to search something which contains many items
  2. to search something thoroughly and with disregard
  3. to hastily search for
  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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