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  1. scare off:


Detailed Translations for scare off from English to French

scare off:

scare off verb

  1. scare off (deter; frighten off; frighten away)
    effrayer; faire fuir; pousser; renvoyer; repousser
    • effrayer verb (effraie, effraies, effrayons, effrayez, )
    • faire fuir verb
    • pousser verb (pousse, pousses, poussons, poussez, )
    • renvoyer verb (renvoie, renvoies, renvoyons, renvoyez, )
    • repousser verb (repousse, repousses, repoussons, repoussez, )

Translation Matrix for scare off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
effrayer deter; frighten away; frighten off; scare off alarm; deter; disquiet; frighten; oppress; scare; uneasy
faire fuir deter; frighten away; frighten off; scare off
pousser deter; frighten away; frighten off; scare off agitate; arise from; bring forward; bud; budge; churn; come up; develop; drive; evolve out of; ferment; force; force up; germinate; give a push; grow; grow up; help along; help on; insist; keep on; move over; nudge; originate; originate from; persist; press; prompt; prosper; puff up; push; push along; push on; push open; push up; rise; shake up; shove; spring; sprout; stem from; stir; thrive; undergo fermentation; urge; urging
renvoyer deter; frighten away; frighten off; scare off adjourn; barter; be dismissed; be reflected; cast back; change; direct; discharge; dismiss; drop; echo; exchange; file off; fire; fob off with; lay off; march off; mirror; not follow up; pay back; postpone; put off; refer to; reflect; refund; release; remove; resound; return; reverberate; sack; send; send back; sound; swap; switch; throw to; trade in
repousser deter; frighten away; frighten off; scare off abstain; alienate; avert; debar; decline; defend; denounce; disapprove; disclaim; disown; evacuate; except; except from; exclude; fend off; fob off with; force back; hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out; lay off; move; move over; not follow up; object to; outvote; parry; postpone; preclude; prevent; push; push away; push off; push up; put off; refuse; reject; remove; renounce; repudiate; resist; rule out; scorn; shove away; shut out; spurn; turn down; vote down
- dash; daunt; frighten away; frighten off; pall; scare; scare away

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Related Definitions for "scare off":

  1. cause to lose courage1

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