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Detailed Translations for seclude from English to French


to seclude verb (secludes, secluded, secluding)

  1. to seclude (separate; set apart)
    séparer; mettre de côté; isoler; mettre à l'écart
    • séparer verb (sépare, sépares, séparons, séparez, )
    • isoler verb (isole, isoles, isolons, isolez, )

Conjugations for seclude:

  1. seclude
  2. seclude
  3. secludes
  4. seclude
  5. seclude
  6. seclude
simple past
  1. secluded
  2. secluded
  3. secluded
  4. secluded
  5. secluded
  6. secluded
present perfect
  1. have secluded
  2. have secluded
  3. has secluded
  4. have secluded
  5. have secluded
  6. have secluded
past continuous
  1. was secluding
  2. were secluding
  3. was secluding
  4. were secluding
  5. were secluding
  6. were secluding
  1. shall seclude
  2. will seclude
  3. will seclude
  4. shall seclude
  5. will seclude
  6. will seclude
continuous present
  1. am secluding
  2. are secluding
  3. is secluding
  4. are secluding
  5. are secluding
  6. are secluding
  1. be secluded
  2. be secluded
  3. be secluded
  4. be secluded
  5. be secluded
  6. be secluded
  1. seclude!
  2. let's seclude!
  3. secluded
  4. secluding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for seclude:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
isoler seclude; separate; set apart dissociate from; hoard; isolate; make cold-resistant; place apart; pot; seal; secluding; separate; store
mettre de côté seclude; separate; set apart allocate; bank; hoard; lay aside; pot; put aside; put away; put money in the bank; reserve; save; save up; set aside; spare; store; stow away
mettre à l'écart seclude; separate; set apart allocate; hoard; let out; pot; put aside; put away; reserve; set aside; store
séparer seclude; separate; set apart arrange; assort; break down; break up; cleave; crack; demolish; destroy; differentiate; dissociate from; divide; divorce; drag down; filter; get down; go separate ways; group; hoard; isolate; itemise; itemize; part; percolate; place apart; pot; pull down; pull off; put apart; rip off; secluding; select; separate; sever; shunt; sieve; sift; sort out; split; split off; split up; store; strip off; take down; tear down; tear loose; tear off; wreck
- sequester; sequestrate; withdraw

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Related Definitions for "seclude":

  1. keep away from others1

Wiktionary Translations for seclude:

  1. séparer un lieu ou un objet de ce qui l’entoure.